Rivers Edge Bowman Single Stand Review

The Rivers Edge Bowman Single Ladder Stand comes with an impressive 19 feet height. The stand offers improved visibility over most of the options on the market due to the higher perspective for the hunter. With a single chair design, the ladder tree stand is perfect for those looking for individual hunting experience. The good news is that even at this remarkable height, the stand comes with a low weight of 64lbs. This means you’ll gain more independence since the stand is easier to maneuver. It also comes with the tree blade feature which allows you to lock it down to the tree more efficiently.


  • Improved height
  • Mesh comfort
  • Improved mount
  • Flip-up seat for more platform space


  • No shooting rail


The tree stand performs well across the board with major indicators. It has all the features the hunters need with the sole exception of the shooting rail. But with included armrests, the hunters might feel there is enough support to perform the required activities. Those using bows will also be much happier with this open design.

At 19 feet you will be well above the ground. Although the height is not the highest from the manufacturer, it places you at a safe distance from the ground which is not subject to the faster currents. The most impressive characteristic of the stand comes with the reduced weight. With only 64lbs you can expect a good performance from the stand as you can maneuver it yourself. It comes to represent some of the best options in terms of ease of use and it is also easy to safely mount. The tree blade design will improve stability while the cam strap and crisscross straps will hold the stand.

In terms of comfort you can expect a positive experience form the Bowman since it comes with a mesh seat. The design is really aimed at good breathability and can be considered one of the simplest yet most effective designs for the average hunter. The whole platform is well ventilated but the seat comes with extra versatility. You can fold it up to make use of the whole platform and stretch your legs while you wait for the target animal.

The Rivers Edge Bowman Single Ladder Stand comes to represent a solid alternative for users hunting alone who need above average visibility and a lower weight design. At 19 feet above the ground you will find the stand performs really well to deliver comfort and visibility. With a foldable seat you might experience the standing hunting position as you will also get quite some room on the foot platform.

The ladder tree stand is also a good choice for those who want simple and effective locking mechanisms such as the tree blade design. With a capacity of up to 300lbs, the stand comes with a sturdy design which is a staple of the manufacturer across the series. The stand also comes with a full body harness to improve the overall safety of the users.


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