Rivers Edge Deluxe 16 Feet Review

The Rivers Edge Deluxe Ladder Stand comes with improved comfort for the hunter. The seat features good back support and arm support, while in the front it comes with the adjustable stabilizer bar. At a height of 16 feet, it offers enough visibility for most users. Since this height has proved so popular, hunters now have a comfortable option as well. The stand is not only comfortable but it comes with one of the lowest weight you can find on the market. With an incredible 44lbs weight, it represents the best option for hunters looking for a lightweight design.


  • 44lbs weight
  • 300lbs user capacity
  • Full body harness
  • Improved comfort with the padded seat


  • Not much room for the feet


The improved comfort of the seat is what truly makes it a special choice for so many hunters. You will get the opportunity to experience a comfortable outdoor experience due to the padded seat with backrest. The armrests are also a good addition as they can represent a solid platform for resting your hands but can also act as a shooting platform. You will also get a removable shooting rail which comes with padding for improved comfort, especially during the colder days.

At 16 feet above the ground, the tree stand may represent one of the most comfortable options as this popular height. Since you value comfort with this design you will also value its significantly reduced weight. With an impressive 44lbs weight, the stand is strong enough to support users up to 300lbs which makes it not only a light design but also a sturdy alternative.

In terms of safety, the stand comes with a full body harness which is mandatory according to the manufacturer. You are not advised to try and hunt from the stand without the harness. This is why it is important to take all the measures which ensure your safety, especially with the harness since it can be your only safety measure in case of strong winds. This is why you will need to familiarize yourself with the harness. As a safety precaution, you should familiarize yourself with the harness on the ground first.

The Rivers Edge Deluxe Ladder Stand comes with one of the most comfortable seats from the manufacturer. The modernly padded seat is perfect for those hunters who are looking to spend increased numbers of hours at each hunting experience on the stand. This is why the armrests may also come in handy both as a tool for comfort and as a shooting platform. The removable shooting rail may also represent a good option for weapon support if you decide to shoot at a straight-ahead target. The footrest, although small in size, provides you the opportunity to rest your legs and concentrate on localizing your animal target. With a height of 16 feet, the stand represents the modern alternative for a classic design. The comfortable approach towards the 16 feet stand is what some hunters want to improve the long days outdoors.


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