Rivers Edge Lite Foot Aluminum Review

The Rivers Edge Lite Foot Aluminum stand represents a lightweight option for the ultimate trekking and hunting experience. The stand comes with a weight capacity of 300lbs which should be enough for most users. The low weight aluminum design means that the stand will only come with a weight of 14.5lbs. This makes it one of the lightest designs on the market which will certainly appeal for those trekking days. With such a lightweight design, the stand is perfect for those looking to maximize mobility.


  • Lightweight design at 14.5lbs
  • 20” maximum tree diameter
  • Minimalistic design


  • Backpacking straps not included


The stand comes with some improvements which might make it an option worth to consider for some hunters. It comes with a lever-free attachment with fantastic noise reduction. Practically, the stand comes with a system which ensures there is no metal to metal contact and this provides amazing results. You will thus maintain the capacity to stay hidden and not scare the animals away. This can be a good addition when you think of all the equipment the hunters need to move and of the potential noises and sounds these can produce out in the wild.

The comfort of the stand is not amazing but it can be considered above average as it comes with the padded backrest. The rest of the seat is made with a mesh material which has proven its versatility in time with the maximum breathability. Even more, if you value outdoor comfort you will be glad to know the stand comes with independent arm rests which can help you maintain a better posture as well.

The innovative design of the stand recommends it with its foldable design. Practically, you can take the opportunity to maximize space in your car or while out trekking. The main concern here is with the lack of included backpack straps but the good news is that once you find an independent solution you will be able to carry your stand around. Even so, its limited weight recommends it for all types of situations where you would need to walk for miles.

The Rivers Edge Lite Foot Aluminum is one of the stands which combines good versatility and advanced features such as the noise cancellation. If you plan to take it with you for longer hunting experiences you should fully benefit from both its reduced weight and from its foldable design. The weight will work in your favor also when mounting the stand as the process will not be more complicated than it needs to be.

But the foldable design will also prove useful in situations where you would value its space-saving abilities. This can work in the car or at home in storage but it can also represent a good option if you plan to walk for miles and need your hands-free to carry other equipment such as a hunting bow. In this situation, the stand can be easily carried on the back without putting too much pressure on the spine since it comes with a reduced weight.


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