Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod 14’ Review

The Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod 14’ comes with a camo curtain design. The pod is perfect for improved visibility as you have the option to enjoy the 360-visibility from a higher perspective. This represents one of the best options for people looking to maximize visibility in open spaces. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, the pod represents a good alternative to the regular tree stand as it will also perform in an open field with not attaching points.


  • 360-visibility
  • Wide 20” ladder
  • Camo curtain


  • 145lbs weight


The pod represents one of the recommended solutions if you plan to use a higher hunting point. But what if you don`t have a tree to climb or attach a stand to? This is the perfect situation for the pod as it can be placed on any flat surface and it can thus represent a solid platform for people looking to maximize visibility and stability but without compromising safety.

Thus, the pod can handle weights of up to 300bs which is the standard characteristic from the manufacturer. The only downside with such a complex design is the fact that the stand comes with a considerable weight at 145lbs. This means it will be more difficult to move it around and you should place it by carefully analyzing the area and its hunting potential.

With a padded shooting rail, you will get one of the most interesting designs on the market as the seat can be totally camouflaged by the curtain. This means you`ll be able to use a wide spectrum of weapons which include firearms and bows. In terms of comfort, you will get a popular seat from the manufacturer. The seat comes with built-in armrests and can prove to be a good solution for long hunting sessions. The seat also comes with a breathable design which is perfect for all weather conditions. The design can also be a good choice for breathability and enhanced comfort through the day.

With a large foot platform you`ll also be able to hunt from a standing position which is perfect if you plan to spend more than a few hours hunting as it provides the only viable alternative to sitting.

The Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod 14’ is one of the best options for durable pods. As it focuses on camouflage and comfort, it represents one of the best options for users who need a top product but with a practical design. This is why the curtain is removable and why the pod comes with a wide 20”climbing ladder. The comfort of the pod is ensured by the complex seat with the shooting rail and by the large foot platform which is perfect for a combination of hunting techniques. The pod is also quite durable with its sturdy design which can support weights of up to 300lbs. This should be enough for most hunters and their equipment. The pod is thus a good option for  slightly above-average height which comes with 360-visibility.



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