Rivers Edge Ladder Relax Review

The Rivers Edge Relax Wide Ladder Stand is made for ultimate comfort. As the name suggests, the tree stand can represent a good option if you value comfort and want to spend a few hours outside with each hunting session. The stand can accommodate up to two people and is considered to be one of the easiest to use designs from the manufacturer. With easy access to get in and out of the stand, it is no wonder why so many pairs of hunters use it for all types of situations and targets. Even more, the stand is compatible with a full curtain for camouflage reasons, but you will need to buy it separately.


  • 17 feet height
  • Two people design
  • Comfortable seating
  • 75lbs weight


  • Camouflage curtain sold separately


So is the platform right for you and your hunting partner? There is no straight answer to this question. But the characteristics of the stand can help you decide for yourself. Thus, you can see if the stand is right for you and your partner by estimating your hunting needs.

The stand comes with a height of 17 feet. This is around the average values on the market. Although you can still find higher tree stands, the dilemma of stability for two people remains. This is why you will need to consider that your hunting needs are primarily met with platforms with a height of around 17-18 feet. With so many models to choose from, you want to make sure you find a comfortable stand which can serve both you and your partner.

In terms of comfort, you will get a relaxing bench which is perfect for long hunting sessions. The bench`s main attraction point comes with the breathable mesh backrest. Thus, during the longer sessions on hot summer days you will be able to control your comfort level and reduce the natural body`s overheating process.

One of the best parts about the stand comes with its camouflage options. You can set up the RE771 curtain to maximize your camouflage. Unfortunately, you need to buy it separately. If you want to increase performance and accuracy though, you have the option of aiming using the padded rail. This can be a good opportunity to get used to stabilize shooting.

The Rivers Edge Relax Ladder Stand comes with plenty of foot rest space. Even if you can use it on your own to maximize your room and comfort, you will still be able to use it with a friend or with your partner. The design of the tree stand allows you to sit or stand, which is perfect for all types of animals where you would need to act quickly.

The durable frame is perfect for all types of weather as it will resist well against corrosion. If you need a comfortable tree stand which can accommodate two people and has good breathability seating, the stand might be the right option for you. And the best part is that you can also use it by yourself only.


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