Rivers Edge Relax Wide Single Stand Review

The Rivers Edge Relax Wide Single Ladder Stand is the perfect option if you want a comfortable design. With so many options to choose from on the market, having an innovative design on the stand market is one of the reasons why Rivers Edge performs so well with hunters. The stand comes at a manageable height of 16 feet which is where it finds most of its users are most comfortable. The platform is not too high to be impacted by the winds and not too low to be detected by animals.


  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Reasonable height
  • Padded shooting rail
  • Mesh seat
  • Light weight at 54lbs


  • Limited camouflage ability


The stand represents one of the best options for hunters who value comfort. If you like the design you certainly enjoy the comfort it can offer. This is why having such a positive approach to spacious designs can create the right platform for a proper hunting experience.

If you`re looking for comfort, the tree stand, as the name suggests, offers plenty of space to move sideways. It also comes a with breathable mesh materials. The materials have been shown to provide good comfort levels while also establishing good air circulation. Many users can feel uncomfortable with synthetic chair materials, but the good news is that the mesh doesn`t create any noise which could potentially scare the target animal away.

If you want to use the best stand and mount it yourself, the Rivers Edge Relax is among the top choices. With a weight of only 54lbs you will handle the stand with ease and mount it yourself. To secure it to the tree you will use the tree blade feature which will stabilize it against lateral movements. The securing is finished with the cam straps and crisscross straps which offer plenty of good support to complement the tree blade design.

With a platform height of just over 16 feet, you will be under the average height on the market. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. This is why you will get to experience one of the complete designs which come at a manageable height for most users. But this lower height is also based on the wider design which may need more stability to provide the right platform at an improved height.

The Rivers Edge Relax Wide Single Stand comes with a complete approach to comfort and support. Hunters will be glad to know that there is a true option for their whole day outside experiences. You will get a better opportunity of stretching your body while keeping an eye on the potential animal objective. With a padded shooting rail, you will also come across one of River Edge`s staple features which has made the manufacturer so popular with hunters. The comfort and breathability of the mesh seats will prove to be one of the best choices in terms of breathability and comfort offering the right support for the hunters.


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