Rivers Edge Spin Shot Swivel Stand Review

The Rivers Edge Spin Shot Swivel Ladder Stand comes with an original design which offers improved visibility and camouflage. You will immediately notice the camouflage wrap-around. This might prove to be a major advantage in trying to be undetected. The stand also comes with a swivel seat which offers improved 360-visibility. At a height of 17-feet the stand provides good visibility both from above and to the sides. Of course, the complex design means the stand comes with a higher weight of 104lbs. But it can support users of up to 300lbs.


  • Camouflage wrap-around
  • 360-visibility
  • Large foot platform
  • Padded shooting rail
  • Mesh seat


  • No mesh pocket


The 360 visibility of the tree stand recommends it for those who want to monitor larger areas which could not be possible with regular tree stands. If you need good visibility around you the only option is choosing a 360 design. With the camouflage wrap-up you get a top experience which is aimed at the dedicated hunter.

You will be standing 17-feet above the ground on one of the largest platforms you can find on the market. This will give you some room for your feet but also enough room to stand. In terms of weight management, the tree stand is can hold users of up to 300lbs. The stand itself is quite heavier than the average design on the market due to its impressive measuring. The tree stand has 104lbs which makes it one of the heaviest stands on the market.

This means you might need some help to set it up. The good news is that one you place it into a position you can safely lock it to a tree with a cams trap and the crisscross straps together with a stabilizing bar. With a safety harness and a padded rail, you will be set for a comfortable experience which is hard to mimic with basic, individual designs.

The Rivers Edge Spin Shot Swivel Stand represents one of the best options in terms of visibility. You get a swivel chair which is perfect for easy maneuverability. But the chair is also perfect for those users looking for a decent height to overlook an average area. This is why the manufacturer set the platform at 17 feet, which is around the average on the market. This visibility is, however, improved by the swivel technology. The seat itself is also quite comfortable since it is manufactured from a mesh material which allows for good breathability. And you will need all the breathability you can get during the summer months since the stand comes with the wrap-around camouflage which can make air circulation slower.

The stand is perfect for the dedicated user who wants to perfect the hunting techniques which take hours each time. By reducing the visibility with the wrap-around design, the tree stand is one of the recommended options for long-term use regardless of your target animal. This is why it also comes with a platform of 17 feet which is perfect for most animals.


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