Rivers Edge Standard 2 Man Review

The Rivers Edge Standard 2 Man Ladder Stand is a perfect solution for a versatile experience. The tree stand comes with a unique design which is made from more freedom with improved comfort and breathability. Since there is more open space with the design than with the alternatives from the manufacturer, the stand is the perfect solution for leafy areas with not so much wind but which need improved visibility due to the dense vegetation.


  • 18 feet platform
  • Supports two hunters
  • Two full body harnesses
  • Reduced weight of 63lbs


  • No backrest


So what are your options if you`re looking for a simple tree stand for two people? They are limited and usually poorly made which is not the case with the Rivers Edge Standard 2 Man. It comes with a modern design which places an emphasis on simplicity and function. When you add in the fact that you can use it with another hunter, you really get one of the best stands as return on investment ratio.

Since all hunting areas are different, the tree stand might work best in dense vegetation areas since it has good all-around visibility. Even more, it offers one of the best experiences for straightforward hunting. Thus, it can be a good option for hunters who don`t want to spend all day outside.

One interesting feature which comes with such a simple design is the reduced weight. Since we always see modern designs and simplicity we might think that it`s impossible to find a design which works for two hunters but which can be mounted by a single person. With a surprising 63lbs weight, the stand is perfect even for the single hunter who needs more space or who wants to move the stand from time to time avoiding heavy lifting.

The good news is that even if the stand is so impressively light, it still holds up to 500lbs. This makes it very attractive for the average person who will need to maximize results on a budget. But safety is not compromised with this simple approach. The stand is durable and robust and even comes with two safety harnesses for ultimate protection. To avoid any accidents you will want to familiarize yourself with these safety measures before actually climbing the stand for the first time.

The Rivers Edge Standard 2 Man Ladder Stand is one of the best tree stands for simplicity of use. It comes with padded rail which runs across the front, back and sides of the bench. This means you can comfortably shoot the animal. With good leg room even for two people, the tree stand manages to provide one of the most simple and fun methods of hunting from above.

With a maximum height level of 17 feet, you will not be too high to be influenced by the winds. The stand is made for those who value simplicity and don`t want all the high-end features but rather good support to maximize hunting visibility from a higher perspective.


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