Rivers Edge Ladder SYCT 2 Man Review

The Rivers Edge SYCT 2 Man Ladder Stand comes with a fantastic breathable bench which can work perfectly during the summer months. If you want to look for a tree stand which comes with a breathable mesh bench, you will face a reduced number of options. This is a good indication of where the industry might go in the future, as every hunter is different and has his own needs. But for two hunters, things can even be more complicated. Fortunately, the SYCT 2 Man offers all needed features for an excellent hunting experience for two.


  • 17 feet height with the shooting rail
  • 40” X 26” platform size
  • 89lbs weight
  • Two full body harnesses


  • No full-length padding on the rail


So why would you consider a tree stand for two? While some people even use this design for a single hunter for the added space benefit, hunting with your friend can be a positive experience in the outdoors.

The tree stand offers some of the most interesting characteristics on the market. The most innovative design comes with the breathable backrest which is free from any metals or additional support systems. With an ergonomic design, your back will feel comfortable for up to a few hours. And since you can use the considerable foot platform you can enjoy a relaxed position while reducing the stress on your lower back. One of the added benefits of the bench is that you can flip it up to gain more space. This way you can combine sitting with standing and you can stretch your legs on those long days waiting for your target.

The tree stand has a weight capacity of 500lbs. This is for the combined weight of two people. Needless to say, it is enough for most hunters. But the interesting aspect of the design of the stand comes with its reduced weight. Measuring just 89lbs, it offers one of the lightest mounting experiences on the market. This can prove very useful in all situations. But it will represent an advantage for those who move the stand often or who need multiple stands in multiple locations and want to simplify the mounting process as much as possible.

The Rivers Edge SYCT 2 Man Ladder Stand has one of the best return on investment ratios. While it delivers a solid platform it manages to balance the reduced weight with the increased user capacity up to 500lbs for two hunters. One of the characteristics of the stand which truly make it a tempting purchase comes with its breathable backrest.

During the summer months, it can be difficult to sit on a bench for a longer period of times. But with a foldable bench design and mesh materials, the tree stand offers the perfect simple solutions for better breathability or ventilation. If you’re looking for a versatile two-people design, it will be hard to find anything better. Even more, it will be almost harder to find such a light design which is easy to use.


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