Rivers Edge Tear Tuff XL Lounger Review

The Rivers Edge Tear Tuff XL Lounger combines a premium design with solid construction to offer one of the few complete tree stands. Its complex design and versatility recommend it for all types of users but those who value comfort will certainly be the best bet for the product. Surprisingly, the stand has a weight of just 26lbs which makes it one of the lightest complex designs on the market. This is why it might be considered by those who want the comfortable and complex design but with a manageable weight.


  • Large seat with armrests
  • 22lbs weight
  • Full body harness


  • No backpack straps


The stand comes with the popular noise cancelation system from the manufacturer. This improves the camouflage but at the same time represents a better option for the user as well with a smoother experience. The design of the tree stand also finds the user at the center point with the large seat. The mesh design of the seat recommends it for good breathability while the padded backrest is a good choice for all users and especially those who prefer to hunt for more than a few hours and need good spine support.

The stand works perfectly for bow hunting and can represent the platform hunters need to balance performance and comfort. With the built-in armrests, the seat comes as one of the few options from the manufacturer which focuses on improving comfort with an open design. But the foot comfort is not bad either. The built-in footrest represents a good option for hunters who want to further reduce the pressure on the lower back by relaxing their legs. Although this is not a new feature it can speak about the complexity of the stand as, still, many of today`s alternatives don`t come with this option.

If you want to carry the stand with you the average weight will allow you to do so. With 26lbs the stand might seem heavy but for a complex design it sits at the average of the market. This means you`ll be able to carry it with you but the bad news is that it doesn`t come with backpack straps and you`ll need to purchase them separately. On the other hand, not many products from the manufacturer come with the straps and the stand follows the standard options of the series.

The Rivers Edge Tear Tuff XL Lounger represents the perfect choice if you need a large seat to support a comfortable experience outdoors. With built-in armrests which come with a padded design, the seat represents one of the best options for users who want maximum visibility while enjoying a superior comfort level out in the nature. The stand is perfect for the users who need the ability to also rest the legs and can thus be recommended for longer hunting sessions. With a noise cancelling design, the stand is also perfect for maintaining a good camouflage level which is perfect for the dedicated hunters.


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