Rocky Core Hunting Boots Review

The Rocky Core Neoprene 1000g Insulated Boots come with a popular-style design. They offer a multi-directional outsole which proves great for any type of surface. Made from real leather, the boots offer a durable solution to one of the most pressing needs as a hunter. They protect your feet from moisture while offering an impressive comfort which is based on 1000g of Thinsulate insulation, perfect for cold environments.


  • Leather materials
  • Scent proof
  • Water proof
  • 1000g Thinsulate insulation


  • No adjustability

The boots represent one of the best solutions when you look for insulated options. With 1000g of Thinsulate insulation for each boot, they offer a comfortable experience which improves your experience as a user. This places the boots among the most interesting options when it comes to a classic design with a modern twist.

The outsole is also durable and it represents the foundation of good movement on any type of surface. Practically, it comes with a multi-directional pattern which is perfect for grip and traction on any surface in the wilderness. This places the boots among the recommended options when it comes to a modern design and when you consider the possibility of only walking with boots that offer rubber outsoles.


The design of the boots follows the classic characteristics but comes with a camo design and insulation to offer an up to date version to many users. The robust lower part of the boot will also prove to be easy to power clean as it will come with durable materials. This will prove especially efficient after a long day out in the wilderness when you try to remove the dirt as best as possible.

The insulation design is also at a high standard. It offers the protection you need to keep a comfortable temperature inside the boot. Even more, it has the potential of allowing you to maximize your chances of success as a hunter. If you are not comfortable in your boots, you will not be able to concentrate on your hunting and this is why it will prove important to know how to maximize your chances. Even more, it will be important to understand that the thick insulation may not recommend the boots for warmer climates or the summer months.

With a complete design, the Rocky Core Neoprene 1000g Insulated Boot represent one of the best solutions in terms of practicality and even comfort. It may be hard to ensure the best comfort with boots, but Rocky manages to show that this can be done, even if with a few characteristics such as the Thinsulate insulation.

Together with the scent proof and waterproof characteristics, it will be one of the best solutions when it comes to a modern design and when you need to ensure proper functionality for all types of outdoors situations. Since the boots are also easy to clean, they will be a recommended option for all types of terrains out in the wilderness as well.


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