SpyPoint Link Dark Cellular Trail Camera Review

SpyPoint Link Dark cellular game and trail is a new camera released in 2018 with amazing features. The camera captures images and records videos of wildlife and transmits them directly to your mobile device across a wireless network. It is important to note that unlike other modern cameras, SpyPoint Link Dark is super fast, has a long battery life and is user-friendly with easy setup procedure.

Presentation of the SpyPoint Link Dark Camera

The case is designed to resemble that of other SpyPoint cameras but with some improvements.  The camera comes with a 2” internal screen with which adjust camera settings or view pictures and videos.  On the backside of the camera is a python bracket which is built in. The camera can be mounted on a tree using the Slate River Mount and the ¼ inch by 20 threaded slot.  Some improvements have been made on the latch. The latch can be opened and closed more easily as it has been constructed as a single piece. The camera is compact and sturdy with the dimensions 11cm x 13 cm x 8.5 cm. The battery tray on the bottom side of the camera opens easily to load and unload batteries. Users are provided with a manual.  


  • High-quality images and videos are produced.
  • The camera is well built and has a durable case.
  • Long lasting batteries of more than four months.


  • It is expensive to purchase.
  • High power consumption.

Features and Benefits of the SpyPoint Link Dark V Cellular Trail Camera

Image Quality

The cameras capture clear, bright and well-defined images and videos. Users obtain colorful and deep contrast 12 MP pictures and 720P High Definition videos at daytime. At night when light levels are low, the camera captures monochrome pictures.  The pictures bear a stamp indicating the date they were taken, time, temperatures and moon phase for the period they were taken. The SpyPoint Free App enables users to receive photo and videos as well as adjust setting of the camera using their smartphones. Using the App, you can view your videos and photos, and monitor changes on camera settings from the comfort of your home.

Flash Technology

The camera uses 42 invisible LED flash technology that does not alarm or scare wild animals away. The invisible LED flash technology ensures that all happenings in your remote located are captured in the most natural way. Blur reduction and invisible Infrared technologies have been utilized to ensure all pictures and videos are clear, bright and of deep contrast.

Multi-Shot Feature

The Multi-shot feature allows user capture up to three images in a single shot. The camera boasts a super fast shooting speed of 0.07 seconds per shot.


The trail camera is powered by a set of eight AA AA batteries whose quality is good. These batteries can last long in the field and capture a high number of images. Alternative power sources such as Lithium batteries (rechargeable) or 12V power supply can be used.

Conclusion for the SpyPoint Link Dark Cellular Trail Camera

SpyPoint Link Dark game and trail camera is a good option especially for anyone looking for a high-end camera that will give quality images and videos. As much as the cameras may be a bit expensive, high quality has been maintained in all SpyPoint cameras.


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