Stealth Cam GXATW Game Camera Review


When going for hunting or outdoor trips, it is always very important to have an amazing stealth camera that will get you images of the environment. There is always something special that comes with quality photos and videos. Your vacation in hunting can be made or destroyed by your scouting camera. In order to have perfect images of the prey, ensure that you are equipped with GXATW stealth cam.


Presentation of the Stealth Cam GXATW

We have a stealth camera application which is free of charge that is available on android application stores and in iPhone that is configured in order to send the images immediately when triggered or in the schedule that you have created. The camera can be mounted on your favorite hunting spot or on a tree using the mount on the bottom of the camera. The outside is covered with a plastic which is strong in order to protect the camera from unfavorable conditions in the field.


  • Cameras in the GX series are leading in this industry as they are of quality technology that is dependable.
  • They have the capability to send pictures and videos and can use the Triad internet. This camera is not highly sensitive to light hence takes clear and crisp shots.
  • There is also an option to link your camera with the Google drive.


  • It has a short battery life which goes up to 2.2 months while using the AA batteries.
  • This camera can’t send photos to an email or website. It only sends the photos and videos to an application in the phone.

Features of the Stealth Cam GXATW


It has 22.0 megapixels that helps you to get the best from your camera. This camera also has protection of a lock password that ensures that your camera is secure and only performs the way that you want it to.

Home screen

Image count, usage of memory card, cell signal and battery level are displayed on the dashboard of the homescreen.

Adjustable passive infrared

They have an adjustable passive infrared controlled range where one can set in order to match the flash reach with the motion detector. The emitters illuminate at night without spooking the targets while the adjustment of the resolution takes place in order to save on power.

There is an SD card slot that allows up to 512 GB which includes an 8MP card. This makes it to have the ability to store more images and videos.


The stealth cam GXATW game camera uses 8 AA batteries and still has a power jack which is external that is 12V.

Detection circuit

It has an outstanding trigger speed as it has a picture trigger of 0.25s and a recovery speed of 59.7 seconds. This camera is able to detect to a range of 90 feet which is quite an impressive range

Conclusion for the Stealth Cam GXATW Trail Camera

This is a camera that can be used internationally if there is GSM service and is effective to those who want to take professional photos or those going for hunting. Its price is fair and affordable and the features in it have not been compromised.


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