Stealth Cam PXP-36NGK Game Camera Review

Stealth Cam PXP36NGK Game Camera

Stealth Cam PXP36NGK is a 20MP no glow trail camera with outstanding features. Unlike other modern trail cameras, Stealth Cam PXP36NGK is more efficient and reliable. It utilizes energy efficient technology to minimize on power consumption and improves battery life.   Stealth is a trusted brand, and over the years, it has released high-end trail cameras to the market.

Presentation of the Stealth Cam PX Pro 36Ng

Stealth Cam PXP36NGK boasts a unique, neat and simple design. The case is thick plastic with a feel of being well built. The camera comes with a python lock latch that enables user lock the camera. A slot for SD card enables user expand camera to a maximum of 512 GB.  It has a battery tray on the camera bottom which opens and closes with ease. The power output jack is available to enable connection to an external power source.


  • Image and video quality is excellent.
  • Long battery life thanks to the Energy Efficient technology.
  • It is durable.


  • It is relatively expensive.

Features and Benefits of the Stealth Cam PXP-36NGK

Image Quality

The 20 Mega Pixels camera captures high-quality images with deep contrast. The clear and bright pictures bear stamp with details on the time, date, camera identity, moon phase and temperatures at which the images were captured. The 720P high definition videos

Camouflage Feature

The camera has a bark camouflage color as a way of enhancing its security. The camera camouflages with the color of tree bark and it becomes difficult for any trespasser to spot it from a distance.

Burst Mode

The user can adjust camera settings to burst mode. This mode enables the camera capture 1 to 3 images per trigger. Test mode provides better coverage in a particular remote location.

Flash Technology

The camera uses a 36 no glow Infrared emitters to capture brighter and highly detailed pictures both during the day and at night. The technology offers greater concealment at night which minimizes possibilities of scaring or alarming wild animals. The camera has a flash range of 80’ which is large enough to give better coverage of your hunting spot.

Backlit screen

It is easy to adjust camera settings due to the backlit LCD screen. The menu can be accessed at any time of the day or night thanks to the backlit screen.

Power Supply

The camera is powered by a set of eight AA batteries. However, there are other power supply alternatives including 12 Volts external power supply and lithium batteries.


The images and videos can be transmitted to your smartphone, computer or any other device through the USB output on the camera.

Trigger Speed & Recovery Speed

The hunting camera boasts an ultra-fast trigger speed of 0.6 seconds and a recovery speed of 5 to 120 seconds. This speed enables the camera to capture every single move of wildlife even those in fast motion.

Conclusion for the Stealth Cam PXP-36NGK Trail Camera

Generally, Stealth Cam PXP36NGK is a decent game and trail camera. You can take advantage of its incredible features to redefine you hunting and photography. The camera is multi-purpose and can be used for security surveillance as well.


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