Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Review

The Summit Climber Treestands 180 Max SD offers improved visibility and noise reduction performance. You will be able to turn 180 degrees due to the rounded frame. Even more, the climbing stand comes with the largest foot platform from the manufacturer which makes it a top choice for comfort and visibility. If you need to monitor a larger area, the stand can represent a good option with its light design and improved versatility.


  • 180-visibility
  • Comfortable seat
  • Largest foot platform in the series
  • Improved weight capacity


  • Slightly heavier at 26lbs


The climbing tree stand represents one of the best options in terms of visibility and comfort. As its title suggests, it is capable of delivering an 180 degrees visibility which are perfect for those looking to monitor larger or open areas. This is why if you want to able to turn comfortably the seat will work great for you. The stand comes with an improved weight capacity of 350lbs against the average 300lbs in the series. This is why it can also be considered a robust option for many types of users. With the same intuitive climbing design seen from the manufacturer, the stand represents one of the top choices for those looking for maximum performance, improved vertical and horizontal visibility and good noise management.

As you would expect, the climbing stand comes with the Sound Deadening technology which has been proven to work for most hunters and its efficiency lies in the capacity to limit noise creation and impact on the surrounding environment.

In terms of safety, the stand comes with the full-body harness system which is mandatory for all users. If you are new to stand climbing you will need to find the right way of going through the safety learning curve. For this purpose, you will receive an instructions manual and DVD. After you consult these you should first practice the safety procedures at ground level and then proceed to use the stand as recommended.

Together with the backpack straps, you will be able to easily carry the equipment with your wherever you go. This means that at 26lbs, you will be able to have enough independence for the ultimate hunting experience. With such a mobile hang-on stand you can even take the opportunity to hunt for a few days while out camping. Since the seat comes with thick cushioning you should keep the seat away from rain or consider more drying time.

The Summit 180 Max SD Climbing Tree Stand offers one of the complete designs on the market. The seat will benefit you with its improved 180 degrees visibility and will be the center of many successful hunting experiences since you will be able to monitor larger areas with more comfort. With a large foot platform, the stand provides one of the best experiences for those looking for improved comfort. Although at 26lbs it is not the lightest option from the manufacturer, it is still manageable especially due to the included backpack straps.


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