Summit Treestands Explorer SD Review

The Summit Treestands Explorer SD Climbing Tree Stand comes with a flat folding design which is perfect for portability. If you plan to use the stand out in the wild you will be glad to know its design is made for easy carrying which is based on the backpack straps as well. You`ll also notice that the stand comes with a seat with a backrest which recommends it for those who put a value on comfort and visibility. The stand is carefully made with no loose part and thus you won`t have to worry you`ll lose them out in the wild.


  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Flat folding design
  • DeadMetal technology for noise reduction


  • No flip-up design for the seat


One of the best features about the stand comes with its comfortable seat. This is practically one of the most comfortable options for many types of users. This is why it can present plenty of cushioning to meet the high standards of comfort of the most demanding users.

The simple an effective design of the stand recommends it for any types of situations. You can take it with you to remote locations as it comes with the backpack straps which are perfect for all types of situations where you need to walk long distances.

The stand is also packed with some of the most popular features from the manufacturer. One of them is the DeadMetal technology. This technology uses self-expanding foam in some areas of the platform to reduce overall noise. This can be a potential advantage as all efforts of noise reduction might help in minimizing the impact on your target animals.

QuickDraw is another top technology in the stand. It uses some simple principles with simplify the user experience. Without any bolts or knobs, you can use one of the fastest cable attachment systems on the market. This is perfect if you plan to minimize the climbing time which should actually be an objective for all stand manufacturers.

Another popular technology used with the stand comes with RapidClimb. This function allows the user to quickly climb the tree while staying safely connected with folding stirrups.

The extruded-aluminum construction recommends the stand as one of the best options for durability. In terms of weight, you can expect the popular 23lbs measurement which has been a staple of the manufacturer. The weight capacity of the stand sits at 300lbs which is perfect for the average user. But safety is also enhanced by the full body harness system which is one of the highest standards use to protect hunters by most manufacturers.

If you value improved comfort and ease of use, the stand might represent one of the best options for people looking to minimize climbing time and significantly improving the usability. With improved comfort and reduced noise impact, the stand represents a good alternative for any type of situation. With most of Summit Climber Treestands` technologies, it is also up to date on the latest requirements.


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