Summit Climbing Treestands Razor SD Review

The Summit Treestands Razor SD climbing tree stand comes with a comfortable seat with backrest. The climbing stand comes with the unique Mossy Oak Infinity camo which will easily blend in with the environment. The foam seat offers superior comfort and represents one of the best options from the manufacturer for a full seat design. The climbing stand offers a weight support up to 300lbs and measures 21lbs. The slightly-above average weight from the manufacturer is also based on the bigger seat with increased padding.


  • Mossy Oak camo seat
  • Full backerst
  • Sound Deadening SD technology
  • Aluminum construction


  • 20” width platform


The Sound Deadening technology recommends the climbing stand for the reduction of unintentional noises. These noises might be caused by movement on the platform and this is why you don`t want to scare potential animals away by using a technology which limits these occurrences. The stand is thus recommended in most hunting situations.

With Quick Draw technology, the stand uses simple cables which can be sized to the diameter of the tree. These cables securely lock in place and can be easily removed from the tree with the trigger system. This system recommends the stand for those who want a simple and effective performance from the stand. It is by far one of the most impressive technologies from the manufacturer with constant efforts to minimize and improve the required steps to use the climber.

The SummitLokt technology is also used to improve the durability and rigidity if the joints. The system uses simple welding which is made for optimum strength and durability.

With RapidClimb stirrups, you’ll be able to use any boot to attach to the platform where you`ll safely reach your desired height. The stand performs well on design as well. With the Mossy Oak Infinity Camo you’ll be able to maximize camouflage while reaching your desired height and visibility point. With so many designs to choose from on the market, having a camouflage option can represent a real plus.

The climbing stand also comes with a full and comfortable seat. If you are looking for a backrest you will get the opportunity to use one with the climber. The seat is made using foam materials which improve the comfort and offer one of the best experiences for those with lower back problems or hunters spending considerable hours outdoors.

The Summit Climbing Treestands Razor SD is one of the best stands which offer continuous support with the camouflage design. You would choose the stand for its durability, ease of use and modern design. With many systems made for optimum efficiency and durability, the stand represents a good option for long term use. It is also easy to use as the manufacturer improved the design to make the user experience unique and this can be seen across the range. If you need a comfortable stand with improved durability but which is also easy to use, the Razor SD can represent one of the best options even in terms of noise cancellation.


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