Summit Climbing Treestands Specialist SD Review

The Summit Treestands Specialist SD climbing tree stand represents a good option for bow hunting on hot summer days. If you want maximum breathability the seat of the climber offers a mesh design which is perfect for these situations. This is why you will find yourself using the stand during the summer months when most of the seats struggle to offer proper breathability. With an open design, the climber is perfect for bow hunting experiences. Even more, since the seat comes with a minimalistic design the overall weight of the stand sits at 16lbs, making it one of the lightest options from the manufacturer.


  • Breathable seat
  • 16lbs overall weight
  • Noise reduction technology


  • 250lbs weight capacity


If you are looking for a lightweight design with a breathable construction, the Specialist SD Climbing Treestand might represent one of the handiest options. The stand comes with a weight of just 16lbs making it one of the best choices if you want to improve your experience by limiting your equipment options. By traveling with lighter weights, you will also be able to reduce the impact of the equipment and you could, thus, improve your hunting experience.

The climber comes with an open design which recommends it for bow hunting. But it can also be a good option for other types of weapons. With the noise cancellation technology, it can be one of the recommended options for improved camouflage. This is why you should consider the stand if you want to value its camouflage with the superior lightweight construction which is perfect for most hunters. Since it comes with the backpack straps you will also be able to carry the climber for long distances which means you`ll get some other benefits in terms of independence and lightweight hunting experiences.

In the comfort department, you can expect a minimalistic seat which might be perfect if you plan to use it in a combination of weather conditions, especially during the summer months when you need the added breathability but also during the autumn months when the material can dry quickly.

The diameter of the tree can vary between 8” and 20” which makes it one of the recommended options for thinner and younger trees as with any climbing stand. Since it only has 16lbs you will also be able to climb the tree easily.

The Summit Climbing Treestands Specialist SD comes with some of the simplest yet effective design characteristics. The seat is minimalistic with its mesh construction. And although it doesn’t come with a backrest, it is still a good choice in terms of breathability. This is why these types of seats may also be a good choice if you are hunting during the rainy season when you will need dry clothing and a dry stand as much as possible. With the noise cancellation technology, the stand represents one of the best options for improved visibility and an increased camouflage with the minimalistic design. It is also a top choice if you value a lightweight design.


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