Summit Climbing Treestands Viper Elite SD Review

The Summit Treestands Viper Elite SD climbing tree stand uses a minimalistic design to offer a comfortable experience. With a mesh seat, the climber is perfect for added breathability and can also be considered a good long term choice for those looking for a lightweight design as it only comes with 17lbs. Even more, being part of the SD series, the stand comes with improved noise reduction. If you are looking for good safety as well it can represent a top choice as it comes with the 4-point harness.


  • Reduced weight at 17lbs
  • Breathable seat
  • Noise reduction technology
  • 4-point safety harness


  • No backrest


So what makes the Viper Elite SD Climbing Treestand a top choice for a climber tree stand? It all begins with the construction quality and this is why you will be glad to know the stand comes with an aluminum construction which is perfect if you plan to use it on the long term. This is why the stand comes with an impressive 5-year warranty as a testament to the premium choices of materials and construction techniques.

If you also value safety, you will be glad to know the climber comes with a 4-point safety harness system. This system will work to improve the overall safety which is combined with a safety strap and attached SRS straps. If you are unsure on how to use the harness make sure you go through the instructions manual or the instructional DVD.

The stand is also based on some of the most popular technologies from the manufacturer like the DeadMetal, QuickDraw and RapidClimb. These systems were implemented to simplify and maximize the potential of each climber as the manufacturer is trying to stay ahead of the competition on each new release. For example, the DeadMetal technology is made for maximum noise cancellation and can represent a major advantage in your camouflage efforts. If you plan to use the opportunity to get to know more about these technologies you can find them all in the user`s guide where you`ll be able to read more on the SummitLokT technology which was designed to maximize rigidity and strength, as these features are a good foundation for the durability of the climber.

The Summit Climbing Treestands Viper Elite SD is one of the comfortable and versatile stands which can be used for a varied number of situations. The open design recommends it for bow hunting with its room for maneuverability. The camo design recommends it to blend in with the environment while its lightweight construction recommends it for a minimalistic approach to hunting. The safety of the stand with the 4-point harness system recommends it for maximum independence and reliability. And finally, the noise cancellation design recommends the climber for all the hunting situations when you need to maintain camouflage for a long period of time.

The Viper Elite SD combines some of the best features in the series in a lightweight package. However, the lightweight stand doesn`t compromise safety.


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