Summit Hang On rsxRaptor Review

The Summit Hang On rsxRaptor is one of the climbers which offer simple installation. The 17-pound lightweight tree climber is the perfect option if you plan to use a minimalistic open design which allows you room to breathe and which can be a good solution for bow hunting. The stand comes with the aluminum construction which we have seen in the series and which is a solid base for users of up to 300lbs. In terms of comfort, the seat with backrest is made from a mesh design which is perfect for those who value breathability.


  • Breathable seat with backers
  • Minimalistic design
  • Low weight
  • Spacious foot platform


  • No armrests


The stand represents a solid option for a fully breathable seat. As you`ll notice right away, the seat comes with back support also made from a mesh material which is perfect to avoid heavy sweating during the summer months. Of course, the material is also quick to dry so if you want to use it shortly after the rain you have this possibility.

Another interesting feature comes with the considerable foot rest. Unusual with many similar designs, the large foot platform is perfect to offer support for your legs and reduce the pressure on the lower back making you more comfortable and better focused on the hunting experience. The minimalistic stand also comes with some popular technologies from the manufacturer which might have enough popularity with some users to recognize them straight away. One of the popular technologies comes with the DeadMetal design which is perfect for noise cancelation. The technology works with expanding foam which may reduce unwanted noises on the platform.

Another popular technology comes with the SummitLokT design which makes the climber more rigid and even improves its strength. Even more, it simplifies the movements of the joints making them safer at the same time.

One of the best characteristics of the stand comes with its reduced weight. At 17lbs, the climber is among the low weight options from the manufacturer. Surprisingly, it still manages to handle weights of up to 300lbs making it one of the best solutions for all types of hunters. This is based on the aluminum construction which is lighter than some other materials like iron, but still strong enough to provide a solid platform.

The Summit Hang On rsxRaptor is one of the best choices if you plan to use the climber for a few years and don`t want to carry around heavy or bulky stands. With its minimalistic design you only get what you need. This involves a usable design for climbing trees, a comfortable seat and a large foot platform. And with such a reduced weight it is hard to find anything to even come close to it. This is why the stand will appeal to many types of hunters. Bow hunters might feel especially drawn towards the stand as it comes with the open design. But since it also has a large foot platform, it can work for all types of weapons.


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