summit dual pro ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands Crush Series Dual Pro Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Dual Pro Ladder Stand is a simple solution for two hunters at a reasonable height. You can expect a high visibility point at 15 feet above the ground with the platform. Apart from its simple design, the platform manages to provide a safe stand for two hunters. The combined weight can reach up to 500lbs with the treestand. The stand itself is also very heavy at 88lbs and you will need another person to help you set it up with ease.


  • Durable design
  • 500lbs weight capacity
  • 15 feet elevation
  • Steel materials

summit dual pro ladder stand reviews


  • Height might not be enough for some hunters

summit treestands crush series dual pro ladder stand reviewOverview

The Dual Pro ladder stand comes with a height of 15 feet. While this height is constant across the series, it might not be enough for some type of hunters which might look for distances of at least 18 feet. However, since it comes with a shorter height it also means that it comes with increased maneuverability and it can be a better option for those who are afraid at higher heights.

The stand offers a good alternative for people who hunt in pairs. It comes with a padded seat with an attached backrest. You can thus wait comfortably for your target while using the gun rest.

The manufacturer states that the system is easy to install even by a single person and this might be the case since it comes with a lower height. If you decide to mount it yourself you will need to familiarize yourself with the system before to get the best results in terms of fit. With so much advice on how to properly set up the system, you will need to check the user manual first. This will give you a complete indication of how the stand which can support 500lbs needs to be correctly installed into position.

summit tree stands crush dual pro ladder stand reviews

One of the best features of the stand comes with the roomy platform. It is designed to offer enough space for two hunters and it does it well, by providing some space for moving around in the hours you wait for your target. summit treestands dual pro ladder standWith a durable fabric, the seat is comfortable and provides good support for the average hunter who needs to spend an increased time on the ladder. Without being too heavy for two people, it can be mounted very quickly by both hunters.

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Dual Pro Ladder Stand comes with all you need to start hunting with your partner. It has a decent height which might prove to be enough for most people. With a roomy platform and a comfortable seat, you will be able to manage sitting for hours with ease. With a gun rest, you will also find the stand offers a good shooting position which can be improved if you hunt in pairs. The treestand is perfect for a simple and durable solution which doesn`t need any additional accessories to perform at the highest level.


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