summit outlook 1-man multi-directional ladder stand treestandSummit Treestands Crush Series Outlook Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Outlook Ladder Stand comes with a durable design. The Summit Outlook 1-man multi-directional ladder stand treestand is perfect for multi-directional seating. It can be a great solution for those who want to comfortably cover a larger area using the gun rest. The good news is that the gun rest comes with padding and can be a good solution to maintain a low profile and avoid making any loud sounds. With a height reach of 15 feet, the multi directional ladder stand can be a good option for those who need good visibility from above which can work well in all directions.

summit outlook ladder stand review


  • 300lbs capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Padded seat
  • Padded gun rest


  • No backrest

summit treestands crush series outlook ladder stand reviewsOverview

The Summit Treestands Outlook Single Ladder Stand comes with a good combination of versatility and durability. You can practically shoot in a larger area with the use of the multi-directional gun stand. Because you will be moving sideways considerably, the design was set accordingly. Your seat is also multi-directional and can be a great platform for your increased visibility.

One interesting feature of the Summit Outlook treestand comes with the padded gun rest. It can prove to be a good asset when you try to minimize sounds that could potentially scare the animal away. In fact, this type of padding should be offered more often with other similar models as it can be truly helpful in these situations.

The weight of the treestand sits at 86 pounds. This is not very light but you should still be able to mount it yourself. Since the sturdy frame is made from still it can manage larger weights of up to 300lbs.

summit tree stands outlook 1 man ladder stand reviews

In terms of height you can expect the already popular 15 feet design from the manufacturer. This means the ladder system is not too high or too low, offering an improved perspective from the ground level. Of course, you will need to wear the provided full body armor which can increase safety in case you fall. One of the recommendations with the harness is to get used to the design before you try it on. In case of an accident you should be able to get out of the harness quickly which you can only do if you practice before your first hunting experience.summit outlook single ladder stand review

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Outlook Ladder Stand is a good choice for hunters looking to maximize the shooting angles. Since you are in a fixed position on a treestand, there are not many options you can have. This is why a design with a multi-directional gun stand can be a good solution if are looking to maximize your hunting results. The chair on the Summit Outlook doesn’t come with a backrest which means you will be required to rest against the tree. But since you will be monitoring lateral areas more than with other treestands, this should become less of an issue. In terms of durability, you will get one of the best ladder stands on the market which is sure to last for years to come, at least for the frame.


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