summit solo deluxe ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands Crush Series Solo Deluxe Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Solo Deluxe Ladder Stand uses a comfortable minimalist design. If you’re looking for an entry-level option, you might have everything you need with the Summit Solo Deluxe. You get a sturdy frame which holds the comfortable seat and the padded gun rest. For the new hunter, this might be one of the best options in terms of practicality and comfort, this is why you should consider it if you want an easy to use treestand which can deliver a straightforward experience.

summit treestands solo deluxe ladder stand reviews


  • Padded shooting rest
  • Padded seat
  • Removable seat
  • Footrest for better posture


  • No armrests

summit treestands crush series solo deluxe ladder stand reviewsOverview

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Solo Deluxe Ladder Stand offers one of the straightforward experiences for today`s modern hunter. It comes with a compact design which can handle weights of up to 300lbs.

In terms of safety, you will be glad to know that the treestand comes with a 4-point harness system. And although the height is not in the 18-20 feet range, it is still crucial to wear the proper safety equipment even at 15 feet. Safety is one of the main concerns with entry-level products and this is why you will have to consider watching the include instructions DVD. This will give you all the information you might need in terms of safety and emergency procedures.

The steel construction of the Summit Solo Deluxe Ladder Stand is perfect if you plan to use it for a few years. It might be the best option in terms of durability but also with weight. With just above 50lbs, the treestand can be mounted by a single person by following the detailed instructions in the pack.

summit tree stands solo deluxe ladder stand reviews

One of the most interesting features comes with the padded gun rest which can be of great use when you try to minimize sounds that could potentially scare your target. But it is also a good addition to preventing dents on your gun. The only downside is that the padding doesn’t run across the sides of the gun rest.

In terms of design versatility, you can use the summit solo deluxe ladder stand reviewsopportunity to detach the padded seat from the frame. This means you can take it home to avoid long-term damage. You can also wash it from time to time which means it will always be clean and ready to use.

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Solo Deluxe Ladder Stand offers one of the simplest designs on the market. While it doesn’t have the top accessories and the best space for the ultimate comfort, it is still a good choice as a first treestand. If you need the added comfort and functionality of a padded seat and gun rest, you can also have limited options. This is why the stand can represent a good solution for those who wish to stay in a comfortable position with a good visibility. At 15 feet above the ground, you will see further and you can do so in a safe manner if you use the included 4-point harness.


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