summit solo performer ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands Crush Series Solo Performer Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Solo Performer Ladder Stand comes with a simple and compact design. It is perfect for the quick alternative and for the hunter who likes to combine active and passive techniques. As it allows you to quickly get on and off it is a good solution for hunters who don`t like to stay in the same position for hours at a time. The design allows you to remove the seat which will give you more space and the freedom to change your waiting position.

summit treestands solo performer ladder stand reviews


  • Compact design
  • 4-point harness
  • Durable steel construction
  • 40lbs


  • Not for the passive hunter

Overallsummit treestands crush series solo performer ladder stand reviews

The stand uses the perfect combination of a compact and versatile design. With a removable seat, you get plenty of chance to move more freely. But the stand is perfect for single hunters who need a quick solution with a treestand. It comes with a reduced weight of 40lbs which remains you`ll be able to quickly set it up yourself.

Height is highly debated in the community. Some hunters like the 15 feet height while other would prefer at least 18 feet above the ground. But since it is made for easy access it can represent a good choice for those looking to limit the time spent getting on and off the stand.

With the included stabilizer straps you`ll be able to quickly adjust yourself into position. If you want to improve your safety and stay as concentrated as possible on your target, you will have to use the system to avoid accidents or serious injuries.

summit solo performer reviews

The suspension seat can be a simple choice for some hunters which need to get some rest. If you`re planning a longer day out hunting, this might be a good alternative to standing for hours. The design of the seat also allows you to remove it and store it in a dry environment which can be a smart feature for those rainy days which might damp your seat.

Even though the stand is compact, you will still have the ability to use it if you have a weight of up to 300lbs. This means its strong construction can be a good choice for years summit treestands solo performer reviewto come.

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Solo Performer Ladder Stand offers a good solution for people looking for their first purchase. This might mean the entry-level product can give you a better idea if this the type of hunting you would enjoy. But it can also work for hunters who want quick access. And since the stand comes with a simple design and a height of 15 feet, it might be one of the recommended solutions for this purpose. Since you can`t choose a different height from the series, the manufacturer aims to cater to a wider area of hunters which don`t feel comfortable at 18 or 20 feet. But a lower height might help you get over the fear of height and it can also be a choice for the future to tackle it.


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