Summit Treestands Mammoth Hang On Review

The Summit Treestands Mammoth Hang On comes with an impressive platform which is also the inspiration for the name of the stand. If you value a platform above the average size, you might find the Mammoth is a good choice for your hunting needs. With an open design, the stand seems to be oriented towards bow hunting and represents one of the best choices for those who need maximum versatility in terms of setting up and in terms of feet comfort.


  • Over-sized foot platform
  • Simplistic design
  • 20lbs stand weight


  • No backrest with the seat


The stand represents one of the models from the manufacturer which is aimed at the simplistic approach to climbing. This is why you will not see any additional features or complicated technologies with the climber. Instead, you will find a minimalistic seat without a backrest or any armrests. But you will also find a large foot platform which is hard to match on the market.

If you value these open designs you would probably be inclined to use the climber for bow hunting and this is a good choice given the open design and the good room for maneuverability. The best part is that the stand is also easy to set up. As it comes with just a few basic technologies it is only 20lbs heavy. This means you`ll be able to take it with you on longer hunting experiences. It may even be an option if you need to carry heavy camping equipment which will only add pressure on your back. This is why the stand can be a great option for multiple situations where weight is crucial.

But since it comes with such a low weight it does not mean that the stand is not resistant. It comes with a total weight capacity of 300lbs which is perfect for all types of situations where you need good support for you and your hunting equipment. One of the concerns with similar designs comes with safety. This is why you will need to learn how to set up the full body safety harness to make sure you stay away from accidents.

With a power-coated steel hang-on design, the stand is a good option for long term use and can represent an excellent first purchase with a climber. Since it only comes with a minimalistic seat, it is not truly made for a whole day of use, but you can enjoy at least a few hours sitting on the seat or standing on the platform.

The Summit Treestands Mammoth Hang On Stand comes with the biggest foot platform from the series. Although the platform itself is large, the overall design is still minimalistic. As a confirmation of this, the weight of the stand is set at 20lbs, making it a rather lightweight climber. But if you truly value its openness and need the maximum versatility for bow hunting, you will get to experience one of the best minimalistic stands from the manufacturer.



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