Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Review

The Summit Treestands OpenShot SD climbing tree stand comes with an extra thick camo seat which is perfect for improved comfort. As many fans of the manufacturer may expect, the stand uses some aluminum materials in the platform which is treated for noise reduction. If you are thus looking for a comfortable stand which performs well in terms of noise management, the stand can represent a top option. The overall durability of the stand is further enhanced by the steel climbing cables which are very strong as they can support the stand and weights of up to 300lbs.


  • Open front design
  • Thick foam-cushioned seat
  • Reduced weight at 15lbs
  • RapidClimb stirrups


  • No backrest with the seat


The stand represents one of the manufacturer`s recommendations for ultimate comfort and camouflage. With thick foam cushioning, the seat represents one of the best options for those looking for the ultimate comfort combined with a great user experience.

The stand uses the open front aluminum construction which is perfect for bow hunting but also for hunters which enjoy a comfortable open space. Together with the comfortable seat, the stand offers one of the most pleasant experiences from the manufacturer.

With a weight of just 15lbs, the stand manages to offer one of the lightest options on the market. Thus, this recommends it for long distance hikes and even for photographers which are transitioning into this type of equipment for landscape shots. By the light weight of the stand is one of the best characteristics as it can be carried with the backpack straps. Together with a light bow, it can represent a good option for those hunters who like to pack minimal equipment for maximum efficiency.

In terms of technologies, the stand comes with everything the manufacturer has to offer. One of the most popular technologies comes with the DeadMetal design which uses foam to reduce the unwanted noises on the platform. Together with the RapidClimb system, the stand offers an easy to use and safe design which can improve the duration of your climbing efforts.

Made from extruded aluminum, the stand is very durable and has the same properties as the whole series from the manufacturer. Basically, it can withstand weights of up to 300lbs making it one of the strongest stands with such a reduced overall weight. It represents to top choice for people who are looking for a durable design with a comfortable seat.

The Summit Treestands Open Shot SD Climbing Tree Stand is one of the premium designs of the series. This is based on the improved comfort of the padded seat but also on the reduced weight which can only lead to more satisfied users. With such a complex approach and a combination of the most popular technologies from the manufacturer, the stand represents one of the top choices for hunters who value quality over everything else. If you find these qualities appeal to you, the stand might represent one of the best options from the manufacturer.


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