summit treestands the vine double ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands The Vine Double Ladder Stand Review

Summit Treestands The Vine Double Ladder Stand can represent the safety you need with mesh folding seats. Of course, since it can hold two people it is also quite heavy and this means it takes some time to set up. The best way to properly set it up is by practicing at ground level. The good news is that the product is available in one or two hunters configuration.


  • 1 and 2-hunters configuration
  • Durable design
  • Mesh folding seat
  • 2 full body harness systems

summit tree stands the vine double ladder stand reviews


  • Can be complicated to set up

summit vine double ladder stand reviewOverview

With an impressive history of over 35 years, Summit has managed to create an innovative and patent-pending design with the Vine Double Ladder Stand. The stand provides the ideal concealment from the animals. The curved design works to make it blend in with the environment.

In terms of safety, the double ladder comes with two full body fall arrest harnesses. These are the perfect design to keep you safe in case of any potential accidents. A top tip is to get used using the harness and you should also know how to quickly get out of it at any moment.

The strong steel frame is perfect for long distance views from the high position the ladder offers. It would also be indicated to wear hunting clothing to easily blend in with the environment. Camouflaged clothing is perfect even with the Vin Double Ladder since it helps you stay undetected by animals.

summit the vine double ladder stand reviews

If your clothing is adequate, you may sit undetected on the ladder system for hours. The seat is durable and is made from a breathable mesh material. For an optimum position even while shooting, you will want to use the built-in footrests. They will provide a better position for your spine as well. While you`re not shooting you may use the cushioned arm rests which are perfect for the hours spent summit treestands the vine double ladder stand reviewson the double ladder. But the cushioned armrests also provide a comfortable shooting platform which might give you an edge, even before being detected by the animal.

The Summit Treestands The Vine Double Ladder Stand comes with a durable design. The double ladder uses a strong frame which can support weights of up to 300lbs. Once you set up the ladder system, you will have one of the most convenient and high visibility positions for your hunting objectives. With a curved design, the ladder system also offers innovation. The steps follow the natural twists of a vine in the forest and it represents one of the unique approaches from the manufacturer who is seeking a full patent on the design. However, it`s only about the design since the steps can be a good option for those looking to have a ladder system which is hard to detect and can blend in well with the environment. The treestand is perfect for hunters who like to go into the forest with a friend and need a good position with high visibility from above.



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