TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow Review

The TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow comes with an impressive lightweight design. This impacts the overall performance in a positive way and it adds to the overall maneuverability of the crossbow. The crossbow comes with an impressive power and accuracy. The speed is not bad either as it manages to deliver a speed of 385fps. This makes it one of the best alternatives if you are looking for an above-average performance in a modern design and a lightweight construction.


  • 385fps
  • 9lbs weight
  • Reduced vibrations


  • Out of reach for many users


The performance of the crossbow speaks about its build quality and its amazing versatility. This is why it can be considered by the users who need the right balance of speed with the added maneuverability of the lightweight design. This is where the 385fps might make the crossbow one of the leading options in terms of speed. With the added accuracy that comes with it, it might prove to be a great solution for the skilled users. Even more, the weight of just 6.9lbs puts it in a select category which recommends the crossbow as one of the lightest alternatives on the market. With a top performance, the crossbow is one of the most interesting choices from the manufacturer.

Built around the Revers Cam Assembly approach, the crossbow represents a clear direction for the improvements TenPoint is preparing for the series. While its performance is not class-leading, it will be among the best from the manufacturer and even from the market alternative and this will give it an attraction which is hard to match.


The design of the crossbow features the aluminum risers which will add to its durability but which will also positively impact the weight of the weapon. Featuring the RCX limbs and the wrapped carbon fiber barrel, the crossbow might be among the most interesting options when it comes to a modern design and a lightweight product. This is where the manufacturer managed to add innovation to the crossbow. But is it really as much as the users would want? This may be one of the most interesting questions you would need to ask yourself if you are unsure about the purchase. While its price point might not be as high as some alternatives, it may still be a solid investment, especially for the unskilled user. This is why the crossbow will be a solid choice for the dedicated users who will maximize its capacity and make the most out of its lightweight design and the impressive accessories.

The TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow represents one of the most interesting options for the users who want to step up to the next level with a lightweight design. With an impressive speed and accuracy, the crossbow might be considered among the most interesting options when it comes to maximizing the performance in the wilderness. With a maneuverable design, it will work in a large number of situations for all types of users.


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