TenPoint Eclipse RCX Crossbow Review

The TenPoint Eclipse RCX Crossbow comes with a performance of 370fps and ACUdraw technology. The technology will work to improve and simplify the draw which will make the crossbow one of the interesting options when it comes to the user experience. This is why it will also be considered by a larger number of users and its affordability will thus make it one of the top options from the manufacturer.


  • ACUdraw technology
  • RCX design
  • 370fps speed
  • Auto-engaging safety


  • Similar options available


The crossbow is one of the recommended options from TenPoint if you are looking for a lightweight design which is highly affordable. This means that the 6.9lbs of the crossbow will recommend it among the interesting options when it comes to pushing for the top-level performance. Even more, it will work in a large number of situations and it will be able to cater to most users since it comes in an affordable segment,

In terms of technologies, the crossbow uses the ACUdraw technology. The main objective of the technology is to simplify the use of the crossbow and to enhance the user experience with a softer and more straightforward approach. This is why it can be considered among the recommended options and this is why so many users are already finding it the way to go if you are looking for a good overall package from TenPoint.


With a modern design which uses the most popular characteristics from the manufacturer, the crossbow is one of the most interesting options as a fast mid-range option. The crossbow thus includes the RCX reverse cam system which enhances speed. This is why you will be able to come very close to the maximum speed of 370fps. And this is why the crossbow will be recommended to the users who want to improve their skills or to the users who want to own a solid crossbow with a balanced performance and good average characteristics.

The TenPoint Eclipse RCX Crossbow is one of the interesting options from the manufacturer. If you are interested in the RCX technology and if you also want to improve your performance above the average mid-range options with an affordable price, the Eclipse RCX might be one of the recommended options. Even more, it will work for those who want to switch brands and who want an affordable product from TenPoint. When you factor the RCX technology, you will really find an attractive design which will make it easy for you to maintain decent accuracy and a top speed which is among the best performers on the market. Even more, the crossbow comes with a weight of 6.9lbs and this situates it among the lighter options available today. Being below the 7lbs mark, it manages to offer a solid performance which is not always easy to balance with a lower weight. This is why it will work to deliver a top performance in its range and it can thus work or most types of users.


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