The Vortex Optics LRF300 Fury 10×42 Binocular LRF is a great solution for hunters. Using the Horizontal Component Distance technology, it will be able to show you the distance to your target. This unique characteristic will recommend it when it comes to the proper performance as a hunter, reducing many missed shots.  With a compact body powered by a CR2 battery, it manages to provide an impressive performance for most hunters but it can even be used for different purposes.


  • Horizontal Component Distance technology
  • CR2 battery
  • 42mm lens
  • 20 feet focus distance


  • Distance isn’t always accurate

The hybrid design combines the use of a binocular with the functionality of a rangefinder. This unique blend of characteristics recommends it for dedicated hunters who need the extra precision while out in the wilderness. Practically, using the Horizontal Component Distance technology proves to be a great solution for range. It will only work on horizontal surfaces, but it manages to provide one of the impressive characteristics which are the foundation of this innovative design.

The rangefinder functionality can see some improvements. In various light conditions which are not perfect, it could use better accuracy. It could also be improved to go beyond its mark with reflective targets. But even so, it will manage to offer a rare opportunity when it comes to a popular design which is easy to work with. Even more, the 20 feet minimum focus distance will be very similar to what you can see with more advanced options on the market and it thus represents a great learning tool.


The classic design with the modern approach of the binocular can come with a certain appeal. It will come with the military green look which is perfect for camouflage purposes. Even more, it can be one of the top solutions when it comes to a modern design and this is why it will be worth the consideration, especially since it will require minimum maintenance. All you will need to do is to keep it minimally clean and replace the CR2 battery when needed.

The binocular thus manages to provide one of the impressive performances which are hard to match at this price point. It is also one of the top solutions when it comes to hybrid designs. Since hybrids are not as popular within this segment, the binocular can come with a great indication to what the future might hold. Even more, dedicated hunters will be glad to know that it can come with coverage of up to 1000 yards on certain targets and this will make its rangefinder capability one of the best in terms of distances. The manufacturer will also need to improve accuracy to address a fully-developed product. But for most users, it can give you a good indication on what to expect when looking to hunt with a more specific approach which reduced missed shots as much as possible with the Horizontal Component Distance technology.


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