The Vortex Optics Razor HD Binocular comes with 42mm lenses and robust body which recommends it even for the dedicated users. The binocular offers clear HD images into one of the most respected designs on the market. The magnesium chassis reminds of the great classics and it represents a robust option when it comes to an improved performance. With protection against water and debris, the binocular will prove a great option for many users out hunting or on hikes.


  • 42mm lens
  • Water, dust and debris sealing
  • Tripod mountable
  • Apochromatic lens


  • Expensive for beginners

The binocular comes with an impressive construction and impressive optical performance. The apochromatic lenses will prove fat superior to regular achromat lenses in terms of chromatic aberration. Practically, you will be able to see your subject clearly, even against bright backgrounds. This can be the situation when looking for modern targets which are placed in bright spots such as birds on the sky. It will even prove to be a great system of lenses when it comes to constant results, even in the edges. It will also prove to be a great solution when it comes to a balanced design as it will be set in a body which imposes durability and respect.


When it comes to design, Vortex Optics managed to deliver an approach which is at least as good as the lenses themselves. Practically, the solid metal body of the binocular recommends it for an improved performance in any situation. It will come with a solid construction which is perfect for many users.

Even more, it will come with the ability to mount on a tripod which means it will be a great solution when it comes to a modern approach. You will thus be able to stay and wait for your subject and even spend a whole day outside without having to hold it. Since it comes with an all-metal construction, it will manage to be a great solution for those who simply don’t want to handle the extra weight.

At the same time, the binocular also comes with good sealing. You will be able to use it in different conditions which come with rain or bright sunny days. Even more, its protection against dust means that it will also represent a great future-proof purchase and one of the best solutions when it comes to a modern design for a modern user.

In terms of looks, it will stand out with its classic approach. Furthermore, it might even represent a great option when it comes to a classic-inspired look. Most importantly, its robust construction will be backed by lifetime warranty from the Vortex Optics. This means that it will be great as an investment as it will be covered for any manufacturing defects for the rest of your life. This can also make it one of the permanent solutions on the market. With good optics, this might prove to be where its real value truly lies.


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