What Does Time Lapse Mean on a Trail Camera

When it comes to trail cameras, there are many different models with many different features.  With this being said, there is one feature that seems to be much more popular than any of the other ones available.  This feature is called ‘time lapse mode’.

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Time-lapse mode is a specific mode on trail cameras that allows the camera to snap a picture at a certain interval of time.  For example, there can be a picture taken every hour, all the way to every week. It all depends upon the time interval the camera’s time-lapse mode is set to.  When this mode is turned on, a picture is going to be taken no matter what, even if there is nothing to take a picture of. However, when your trail camera is in this mode of operation, it will not take any pictures during the night.

When you decide to view these images from your trail camera, there is normally a specific program that needs to be used, depending upon the type of trail camera you were using.  If there is a special program that is required to view your images, it will normally come with the trail camera when it is initially purchased, as well as be available for download online.

Setting Up Time Lapse Mode on Your Trail Camera

While every trail camera is going to be slightly different, the process of getting setup in time-lapse mode is typically the same.

You first want to switch your trail camera over to time-lapse mode, which should be an option for operation mode.

Next, set the frequency, or how often you would like your trail camera to take a picture.

Once you have your frequency set up, select the duration for how long you would like your camera to take pictures for.  For example, it can be for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or any duration you would like (of course, this depends upon the trail camera you are using).

Once this is all setup, simply place your trail camera where you would like it and that’s it.  Wait until after the desired time duration and then go and get your trail camera to check out all of the pictures that it took.  You can then store your images and setup your trail camera at another location and repeat the entire process again, depending upon what you’re trying to accomplish.


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