What is a Cellular Trail Camera?  Game Cam That Sends Pictures to Your Phone

Trail cameras, which are also often referred to as game cameras, are a simple device that uses advanced technology to help those looking to increase security, go hunting, or just discover what type of wildlife is in their area.  They are normally smaller in size, weatherproof and extremely camouflaged so as to not stand out and be overly noticeable. The main purpose of a trail camera is to take a video or set of photos whenever it detects any type of motion within its field of view.  

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While trail cameras have been around for quite some time, they originally used built-in memory, or even an SD card to save the photos and videos that would be taken.  The operator of the trail camera would then have to physically visit the camera so that they could view what was saved onto the camera, or take the SD card and plug it into a computer to view what was captured.  

Luckily, with all of the advances in technology when it comes to anything and everything cellular, that is now a thing of the past.  You can now get trail cameras that are 100% cellular based, and will actually send the videos and images it takes right to your email or cellphone.  This is huge when it comes to trail cameras, as it means that you can now view what is setting off your trail camera’s motion sensor in real time.

While this technology is still on the newer side, as more and more trail camera models are designed and developed, being able to select the trail camera that is best suited for your individual needs is going to be very important.

Cellular Trail Camera Tips

With a cellular trail camera, be sure that it has a minimum reception amount of at least 3 bars.  This may affect where you plan on setting your camera up, but will guarantee that you receive all of the photos and videos it takes.

Be prepared to add a cellular plan for your trail camera to work correctly.  While you may think that your trail camera will simply work on your cellular network, you are wrong.  Your new trail camera is going to require its own cellular plan if you wish to take advantage of it. As of right now, you can get a plan through Verizon, US Cellular, or AT&T, whether that is who you use for your personal cellular service or not.


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