Browning Trail Cameras Review

Browning Trail Camera Reviews 2020

Browning is one of the most important names in the trail camera industry. Their products are mainly recognized for an amazing trigger speed but they have also been up to date with many other technologies and features and this is why their cameras are always among the recommended options even by advanced users. If you are looking for a combination of speed, advanced technologies, a durable design and leading connectivity, Browning’s cameras come with the right features to meet your needs.


The sensor of the camera plays a very important role in picture quality, brightness and resolution. Browning proves to be one of the mature manufacturers which truly understand sensor technology and this is why it offers a choice of sensors which range from 14MP up to 20MP. In truth, you will be the one who will need to assess which type of sensor you need for your situation. If you have good light in the area where you place the camera, this can become less of an issue. The difference may also be in the details, so having a larger sensor comes with an increased pixel density and it will prove to be one of the characteristics which can allow you to zoom in the photos without losing as much detail as you would with the lower megapixel sensors.

HD Video

The manufacturer also offers video capabilities with its cameras. From the standard resolution HD video to the impressive 1920 X 1080 video resolution with the top camera, Browning is one of the best options when it comes to video quality. Simply offering this function is not enough anymore and it is good to see that the brand is capable of offering quality HD videos with larger resolutions as well.


One of the fun and useful functions of trail cameras come with the time-lapse function. This will allow you to record a number of images over a certain period of time. Browning trail cameras come with these options and they will prove to be an up to date choice when it comes to recording your subject’s movements over an increased period of time.

TV out and USB connectivity

The connectivity plays an important role with modern trail cameras. The market offers plenty of options. Some work for slower data transfer while other solutions work for fast data transfer. It will be up to you to find the right solution when it comes to the connectivity you need. The fantastic news is that Browning is one of the very few brands that offer a TV-out connectivity. This will allow you to connect the camera to a TV or monitor for larger images and can represent a fantastic solution for analyzing details. USB connectivity is also offered by the manufacturer and this is where it will be one of the recommended options when you try to connect the camera to a laptop or other mobile devices.

Flash Range

Flash range has an important role when it comes to powering the images you need during the night. This means that even if your camera has a good sensor, it will be limited in performance by the flash range. Browning is thus one of the very few brands that offer flash ranges of up to 120 feet. This distance recommends the camera for a top performance and it will set it apart from most of the competition today.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed can play an important role when it comes to maximizing the performance of any camera, especially with fast-moving subjects. Thus, it will prove to be an interesting option when it comes to going in the right direction for the situations which require a top performance, especially with fast-moving subjects.

With a trigger speed that can go as low as 0.4 seconds, Browning can offer one of the most interesting experiences in terms of fast performance. This market-leading performance sees their trail cameras as one of the most recommended options if you are constantly missing frames or subjects to a slow trigger speed.

Picture Info Bar

One of the few manufacturers that offer complete solutions in today’s market is Browning. But they will often-times go further in offering a complete solution for those who need to perform at a high level and who need the best solutions when it comes to additional information with photos. The picture info bar will thus offer various information which can help you better understand your subjects. It can even offer information on the moon phase. But this function will also offer information on the outdoor temperature. You will also be able to find out information on the camera ID and this can prove useful when comparing pictures from multiple cameras. Even more, this basic information will be topped with the timing of each picture. The function can help you understand the feeding time of certain animals and can help you establish a better understanding from a mathematical approach.

As you can see, Browning has plenty of interesting features and a design which is made to perform at the highest level. You will be glad to know that the manufacturer is quite capable of offering the advanced technologies needed to perform at the highest level. Even more, it will prove to be one of the few manufacturers that know how to balance a trail camera, offering packages for all types of users.

Browning is quite famous for their low trigger speed technology. But they will also prove to be a good choice in terms of sensor quality and flash performance. The manufacturer is also capable to offer a performance which comes with great connectivity and the ability to improve the user experience. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a solid performance from a camera which can connect to a TV or computer. Even more, the USB connectivity will prove to be one of the future-proof characteristics of the cameras and can be the feature to make your chosen design stand out from the competition.