Bushnell Trail Cameras Review

Bushnell Trail Camera Reviews 2019

The Bushnell Trail Cameras are among the best options on the market in terms of design and durability. The cameras are working to provide one of the most interesting experience and they will also prove to be an up to date choice for all users. Made with recognizable technologies, they have been highly regarded in the industry and they represent an interesting option for many types of outdoor situations. So which are their main characteristics?


The sensor is the heart of any camera. Trail cameras are no different. This is why they can prove to be an important characteristic when it comes to any such device. Bushnell now offers a choice of two sensors with its trail cameras. You will be able to choose between either the 20MP or the 24MP sensors. The good news is that there is no significant difference between them. Thus, you will be able to get solid pictures with both sensors. The resolution and level of detail recommend them both as a solid option and they are often regarded among the best on the market.

HD video

The sensors are capable and they will prove to be a solid choice for the cameras which can capture both still photos and videos. Both the 24MP and the 20MP sensors will be able to record HD videos at 720p and this makes them highly attractive when you want a more detailed approach. Videos are now standard with the new premium trail cameras and if you want to ensure you purchase is future-proof, then you will need to consider this capability as mandatory for your purchase.

Flash Technology

Since many pictures will be taken during the night, you want to ensure you are able to actually get the right exposure for quality pictures. This is based on the flash technology and this is why it can be considered among the basic characteristics of a good trail camera. Even more, this technology can be just as important as the sensor as it will power the brightness needed in low-light situations. There are many types of flash technologies on the market with trail cameras. If you are looking for the best technology, Bushnell has one of the top solutions. With the black flash technology, your subjects won’t be able to detect it and this makes it the perfect solution for surveillance purposes.


We now live in an era where many cameras come with multiple types of connectivity. From the cable connectivity to the simple memory card swaps, you will be able to find multiple options for your data transfer needs. This is where some users have already started incorporating wireless technology in their data transfer process. Thus, transferring pictures doesn’t need to be automatically tied to any cables anymore. The great news is that Bushnell offers Wi-Fi connectivity with some of its designs and this is where it can be one of the few market leaders that can actually combine great sensors with good flash technology and amazing connectivity.

Hybrid Capture

When you have these basic technologies in place, you will be looking to maximize the potential of the trail cameras with additional features which might make them stand out. They will thus prove to be a great solution when working with multiple technologies as they will be able to integrate more functions than most cameras on the market. One of these functions comes is the Hybrid Capture. This technology will allow the camera to record videos and take pictures at the same time. It will thus prove to be one of the most interesting features and it will set itself apart from many other alternatives.

Multi-Flash Mode

Bushnell is a leader when it comes to innovation and premium designs. Their technologies are often-times far ahead of the competition and they can thus represent a solid option when it comes to combining the ground-breaking solutions with the proven technologies. One of the innovative technologies comes with the Multi-Flash Mode function. This function will allow the camera to select a different flash power according to the situations and light conditions. With such versatility, the trail cameras can prove their worth when it comes to saving battery life.

GPS Geotag

This advanced function from Bushnell is one of the most interesting additions when it comes to juggling multiple cameras. Even more, the function can automatically record the location to your picture’s data and thus you will know where each image has been taken at. This function will prove to be an interesting addition when you have multiple trail cameras and you want to organize your images properly. Organizing them by location is the first thing you should do when you are using multiple cameras.

Detection Range

One of the least discussed characteristics of trail cameras comes with the detection range. But this can have an important impact on your camera’s ability to prepare itself to take the shots. This is why you will want to purchase a camera which comes with a detection range that is right for your situation. It will prove to be one of the basic characteristics you need to follow and this is why it is important to work together with a fast trigger speed for the best pictures. If you need to cover smaller areas than a short range is enough. But if you have a larger area to cover, Bushnell’s amazing 100 feet detection range can prove to be one of the top characteristics and it will give you the results you need with such considerable areas.

Bushnell trail cameras are one of the few devices that are actually recognized for their quality even by the users of different brands from the competition. This can say a lot about their quality, durability and most importantly, innovation. The truth is that while many trail cameras are struggling to make an impact with the same characteristics, having a manufacturer which places an important amount of focus on innovation is refreshing to see.