What are the Most Comfortable Hang On Treestands for Deer Hunting?

Hunting is a very ideal recreational activity since it is really intriguing as well as enjoyable. This is a sport that requires you to be very tactful and thoroughly prepared before going out to the hunting field.

The main aim is to capture your target, therefore you have to ensure that you have a well laid out strategy on how you plan to achieve this. The most important part of your strategy should be acquiring all the necessary equipment that will make your hunting venture a success.

When choosing the equipment, always make certain that you choose equipment that is the most suitable for the type of game you are after. If, for example, you are deer hunting, then your hunting chair, hunting blind, and hunting knife should be the best for deer hunting.

Another very fundamental hunting gear that is often overlooked is a hang-on tree stand. Tree stands are very essential since they elevate the hunter, thereby giving you a better view of your surroundings which is a huge upside when it comes to hunting.

It is therefore crucial for you to find the best tree stand that adequately serves its purpose. To help you do this, I will review various tree stands with the aim of helping you find the best one.

Lone Wolf ALPHA.

If you are looking for a high-quality hang-on tree stand that will adequately deliver on functionality, then this is definitely the tree stand for you. With only fourteen pounds, it is very light in weight hence very portable and easy to move around with.

A tree stand that is light is not only convenient for its portability but also for the fact that it is very easy to set up. Climbing a tree is an already engaging task and therefore the last thing you need is to struggle as you try to set up your stand because it is really heavy.

Besides the very convenient weight, another outstanding feature of this tree stand is the fact it is really roomy. How annoying would it be to be holed up in a tree stand that is too small for you to even stretch or adjust your position?

You may decide to sit down while waiting for your game and the last thing you need is an uncomfortable chair. This tree stand comes with a huge contoured foam pad that is very comfortable to sit on for hours without suffering any backaches.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It is light.


  • It is a bit pricey.

Millennium M150.

The Millennium M150 is a very high quality and interesting hang-on tree stand. The most outstanding feature of this tree stand is the fact that it has a great weight capacity. This is a huge upside since it makes it very convenient for plus size hunters.

Apart from being able to comfortably accommodate the plus size hunters, which is a difficult feature to find in other tree stands, this hang-on tree stand comes with a very comfortable seat. 

If you prefer hunting while seated, then you are assured of maximum comfort, which is very key for any successful hunt. It also offers you very good quality, therefore guaranteeing you of durability, which is really important.

Do you prefer tree stands that are on the heavier side? If so, then the Millennium M150 is definitely the best choice for you. It is also very easy to set up hence sparing you any unnecessary stress.


  • Has good quality.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is sturdy.


  • It is heavy.
  • It is expensive.
  • Can be really noisy.

Rivers Edge.

This is a hang-on tree stand that is very well built and has amazing quality. If you are keen on getting value for your money, then this is surely the tree stand to go for. It has a very pocket-friendly price, therefore ensuring that you get a quality tree stand without breaking the bank.

Apart from the amazing quality and affordability, this tree stand has so much more to offer. It is very easy to set up and take down, therefore ensuring that you have an easy time when you go out hunting.

It comes with an attachment strap that is noiseless which is really advantageous since as a hunter, your ability to remain silent and undetected is very fundamental. In as far as portability is concerned, it is very light in weight hence making it easy for you to move around with.

The fact that it can support up to three hundred pounds is such a remarkable feature since it makes the hang-on tree stand convenient for plus size hunters.


  • It is pocket friendly.
  • It has good quality.
  • Very easy to set up.


  • It has a very small platform.
  • Not very suitable for tall hunters.
  • It only has one tree attachment strap instead of the required two.

XOP- Xtreme.

In as far as uniqueness is concerned, this hang-on tree stand definitely takes the prize. It is made of aluminum and has been described as the best aluminum hang-on tree stand. This is a tree stand that offers you exceptional functionality as well as amazing quality.

It has a high load capacity, meaning that in the event that you decide to go hunting with a partner, then this tree stand will very comfortably accommodate both of you.

When it comes to comfort, this tree load comes with a foam seat that is triple layered which is very comfortable and relaxing. It ensures that you are able to sit for long hours without suffering from any joint aches that result from fatigue.

This tree stand is aimed at ensuring your safety, which explains why it comes with a safety harness so as to ensure you are safe and sound. You are hunting when on top of a tree, and therefore your safety should always be paramount.

The fact that it quiet and does not make any unnecessary noise is also another huge upside.


  • It has great quality.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is sturdy.


  • It comes with a bow holder design that works poorly.

Lone Wolf Assault.

The Lone Wolf is a hang-on tree stand that is aimed at providing you with all the comfort and relaxation that you require during hunting. It is a very sturdy tree stand, therefore ensuring that you have the firm support that you require.

You can easily shift positions and even move without fear of the tree stand collapsing, which would be a great disaster. It is also very light in weight, probably the lightest hang-on tree stand in the market, which is highly convenient in as far as portability is concerned.

The fact that it is light in weight also guarantees you that this tree stand is very easy to set up and take down, making it very advantageous. Your comfort is something you will never have to worry about since it comes with a seat that is cushioned.

It is designed in a way that is able to accommodate a great amount of weight therefore making it very convenient for plus-size hunters.


  • It is quiet.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It has good quality.
  • It is comfortable.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is expensive.

What are the various features that make a hang-on tree stand the best?

This is a very fundamental question that you should ask yourself since most people usually desire to find the best tree stand but have no idea about what features to look out for. Instead of going out blindly, you should always ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for.

How do you know whether or not a tree stand is the best? You do this by ensuring that it satisfies all the factors that have to be considered for a tree stand to be deemed the best.

It is therefore quite clear that finding the best hang-on tree stand can be a difficult task. However, if you carefully adhere to the following factors, then your job will be made so much easier.

Is it comfortable?

A successful hunt is largely dependent on whether the hunter is comfortable, or not. Discomfort will lead to you being distracted, hence losing concentration, which is very key to a successful hunt.

It is impossible for you to completely concentrate on your target whilst battling with an uncomfortable hang-on tree stand. You should therefore make certain that the tree stand you choose offers you maximum comfort.

In as far as comfort is concerned, the first thing you should look at is the stand’s chair. Does your stand come with a chair? If it does, then you have to ensure it is a comfortable one.

A comfortable chair is that which is cushioned and has other features such as a backrest, which ensure that your back is firmly supported. If you suffer from back pains and other unfortunate conditions, then you have to ensure that your tree stand chair does not worsen your condition.

Another feature that a comfortable stand chair can offer is a footrest. Being able to rest your feet on a comfortable footrest is definitely a huge advantage.

You should therefore desist from buying a tree stand that has nothing to offer in as far as comfort is concerned. This is a hunting gear that you be holed up in for hours, hence the least you can do is ensure that you are comfortable.

Does it have any safety features?

A very fundamental question for you to ask yourself is whether your hang-on tree stand has any safety features and if so, are they effective? It goes without saying that your safety is very important and definitely the first thing you ought to consider.

You are hunting while on top of a tree, therefore increasing the risk of you getting injured. With a hang-on tree stand that has no safety features, your life is endangered since you can easily fall off the tree which would be very unfortunate.

Hunting does not have to be an exercise that endangers your life and therefore, to avoid such an unfortunate scenario, you have to always ensure that your tree stand has all the required safety features. What are these safety features that you should look out for?

Look at the tree attachment strap of a hang-on tree stand. How many are they? It is advisable to go for a tree stand with at least two tree attachment straps. A tree stand that has only one attachment strand is most likely not going to firmly support the tree stand.

Apart from the number, carefully assess the tree stand and ensure that the attachments are firm and of good quality since this guarantees you that the stand will firmly support you.

Besides the tree attachments straps, does the stand have a safety harness? Safety harnesses can be contained in the stand’s chair so as to prevent the unfortunate incident of you falling while seated.

The best hang-on tree stand is therefore that which prioritizes your safety by providing you with all the necessary safety measures.

The weight.

How heavy your hang-on stand is should something that you have to consider. This largely depends on what you prefer as well as what is convenient. Some people may prefer tree stands that are on the heavier side.

However, these may not be very convenient in as far as portability and setting up are concerned. The most ideal hang-on tree stand is therefore that which is high in weight.

Hunting is an exercise that will require you to go shift locations from time to time. It, therefore, goes without saying that the most ideal hunting gear is that which is easy to move around with. A light tree stand guarantees you of easy portability.

Besides portability, a hang-on tree stand that is light in weight also guarantees you that it will be easy to set up compared to one that is heavy in weight. Heavy tree stands tend to be bulky, therefore making it difficult to set up and take down.

Climbing a tree is already a fatiguing task and the last thing you need is to waste your precious time and energy struggling to set up your tree stand. At the end of your hunting venture, you are usually really exhausted and you, therefore, need a tree stand that is easy to take down.

Therefore when it comes to the question of weight, the most ideal hang-on tree stand is one that is light in weight hence portable and easy to handle.

Is it sturdy?

Stability is a must-have feature for any hang-on tree stand. This is important since it goes hand in hand with your safety. Whether or not your tree stand is sturdy determines whether or not you are likely to fall off the tree and injure yourself.

It is therefore fundamental to endure that your hang-on tree stand is completely firm and sturdy. Apart from your safety, an unsteady tree stand also affects your confidence, as well as your concentration.

As a hunter, your confidence and concentration are very key elements. It would be impossible for you to make a clean shot whilst fearing for your life as a result of an unstable tree stand. 

Similarly, you cannot fully concentrate on your target while your tree stand is wobbling and threatening to fall to the ground. 

The very essence of a hang-on tree stand is to help make your hunting easier by enabling you to easily see and track your target hence increasing your chances of making a clean shot. A hang-on tree stand that does not help you achieve this is therefore not the best hang-on tree stand.

Is it durable?

Would you really want to buy something that is not durable? The beauty of a hang-on tree stand is its ability to adequately serve its purpose for a long period of time. You want to be able to look at your stand ten years later and feel proud because it is fulfilling its purpose with no hitches.

Hunting is a practice that is carried out during various weather conditions. You will be out when the weather is favorable as well as when the weather conditions are adverse. You will move from location to location looking for the perfect hunting slot as you track down your target.

The last thing you therefore need is a hang-on tree stand that is incapable of withstanding such extreme conditions. Durability is therefore a key factor that you should consider.

How do you know that a hang-on tree stand is durable? Durability is basically determined by the construction materials of the tree stand. If the construction materials are durable then you are guaranteed that your stand is durable.

You should also look at the fabric that has been used to make the stand. Is the fabric neatly and firmly woven? Is it strong and firm? If the answer is yes to both questions then you are assured that the tree stand will be able to serve you for a long while without suffering any wear and tear.

Is it spacious?

Whether or not a hang-on tree stand is spacious is a factor that most people consider non-important. However, this factor is actually very fundamental, definitely something that you have to consider.

Spending hours on a tree stand will result in you being exhausted and needing to rest and even change positions. Do you really think this will be possible on a tree stand that is not roomy? 

The last thing you need when you are out hunting is a tree stand that prevents you from carrying out basic exercises that will help you relax as you continue waiting for your target. You want a tree stand that you comfortably stand in once you are tired of sitting for too long.

When it comes to the question of being spacious, it is necessary for you to also consider your height. This is especially fundamental if you are a hunter who is blessed with height.

If this is the case, then you should carefully assess the tree stand and ensure that it is capable of adequately accommodating your height. Are you able to stand comfortably without having to slouch? When seated, is it possible for you to stretch your legs comfortably?

These are fundamental questions that you have to ask yourself since they take us back to the point of comfort, which is very key. 

Regardless of whether you are tall or not, the most ideal hang-on tree stand is that which is roomy since it gives you enough space to comfortably carry out your activities without feeling crowded.


A hang-on tree stand is very essential since it greatly increases your visibility and accuracy, therefore increasing your chances of capturing your target. For you to find the best one, it is fundamental that you adhere to the factors discussed above.

In my opinion, the Lone Wolf ALPHA is definitely the best hang-on tree stand that you can ever buy. When looking for a tree stand, you are looking for excellent functionality as well as great quality. With this tree stand, you are guaranteed of all that and so much more.

The fact that it ensures that it provides the required comfort and serene environment that is necessary for a successful hunt is definitely a huge plus. It simply does this by providing you with excellent features that are truly incomparable.

With its large contoured foam pad, you are guaranteed of the comfort you need as you sit and patiently wait for your target. The fact that it is durable is also another factor that cannot be overlooked. 

This is a hang-on tree stand that gives you value for your money by ensuring that it serves its purpose for a long while. 

Once you purchase it, you are guaranteed of long term service, unlike the other tree stands that only last for a short while.

With top-notch quality and top-tier features, the Lone Wolf ALPHA is definitely the best hang-on tree stand. Hurry up and get yours today!


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