What are the Top Compound Bow Peep Sights for Deer Hunting?

You can achieve accuracy with your bow in many ways, your skills being one of them. Depending on hunting conditions, however, among other factors, you may find a peep sight to offer a great enhancement on your shots. Peep sights are small attachments added to a bow string for higher shot accuracy. 

They come in different makes/designs, each offering a great solution for varied conditions. A large peep, for instance, may serve you well in areas with low lighting, or when you need more light. A small peep, on the other hand, is great for conditions with adequate lighting.

This is because it does not allow as much light to pass through, thus serving you best when you have enough light. Too much light affects accuracy, so if you are looking for more accurate shots, then a small peep may be your go-to. Insufficient light, on the other hand, will not always give you the best shots, depending on where you are.

There are more factors and that you should consider before or when shopping for a peep sight. We shall discuss them in later sections of this article. First, how do we determine the best peep in the market? There are plenty of brands and models available; it can all get confusing.

We have a short list of some of the best peep sights in the market. We will have a look at what each product has to offer, and you can choose what works best for you. We will also look at some of the things that you should watch out for when dealing with peeps. Why don’t we have a look at our list?

G5 Meta Pro

  You may come to find the G5 Meta Pro to be the best peep sight and ideal for a hunter. Made of 7000 high-grade aluminum, this peep comes tubeless, with radical side grooves for the easy rotation of the peep upon drawing the bowstring. Let us find out more of what it has to offer.

It provides a non-reflective glare protection from light like the sun with its coating. You may find it to be handy in low light conditions, with its maximum field of view, thanks to the convex interior. Whatever angle you will be hunting or tracking from, therefore, this peep should have you covered.

What is more, is that this product lessens string wear, by reducing the surface area in contact with the string, with its string groove. When practicing archery or out hunting, you may find its fixed aperture to provide that extra edge. You may thus, find it quite ideal.

That is not all; this product enables you to choose a peep sight that matches your bow, with its wide array or colors. Generally, you may find this peep to be reliable, durable, besides enhancing accuracy. A notable setback, however, is that individuals who wear glasses may have a hard time with it.


  • Wide array of colors
  • Durable 
  • Enhances accuracy


  • Individuals who wear glasses may face a hard time with it.

Flameer Archery

You may come to find the Flameer Archery to be one of the greatest peep sights in the market. One of the reasons is the aluminum alloy with which it is made. That makes the product not only durable but also light. You can also rest assured of your bow’s integrity because of the aluminum.

The Flameer additionally comes with an installation tool and housing kit. You may find it to be ideal for use with compound bows. The product also comes with, besides a hex wrench, three inner cores. It is available in three inner sizes of 1/8, 3/16 and 1/16. You can also set it at 45 or 37 degrees.

You will be able to make more accurate shots, thanks to the better vision that the peep provides, when you take advantage of the sight pins. You may also find it to be compatible with verifiers, clarifiers, and apertures that have been designed for Flameer.

Generally, you should find this product to have a great, innovative design. It is not only durable but also saves you some trouble with the weight. It enhances accuracy, and is generally ideal for a compound bow. A notable setback, however, is that you may face a hard time with it if you wear glasses.


  • Wide array of colors and sizes
  • Durable
  • Enhances accuracy 


  • You may face a hard time with it if you wear glasses. 

Specialty Archery Pro

If you are looking for a peep sight that will serve you best for the money, then you should probably consider getting the Speciality Archery Pro. Its value for your money comes first in its sculpted design, which not only boosts performance but also reduces the weight on your bow.

More on its lightweight is that unlike other models, you may find it to be up to 25% lighter on your bowstring. The effect that this has on your performance is that it boosts the speed at which your arrow moves. What more does this peep have to offer?

From the models that you can choose from, you may come to find the one with 37 degrees to be most ideal for 40” bows. If you are hoping for a reduction of light during your hunt, then you may love how this peep cuts down glare on your clarifier and verifier lenses. The result, as you would guess, is higher accuracy. 

This peep sight us compatible with 1/8” apertures, and has an opening of 3/16’. It also comes with verifiers and clarifiers, both sharpening pins and target faces respectively. If you hope to remove or add your apertures, clarifiers or verifiers, then you may want to do so with a dual aperture wrench.

A notable setback is with this peep’s glare, which you may find to be more than you would come across in other products.


  • Lightweight
  • Enhances accuracy 
  • Ideal for both archery practice and bow hunting


  • It has more glare compared to other models

TRUGLO Centra 

If you use a compound bow and are looking for a peep sight that can work best with it, then you may have a consideration to make with TRUGLO Centra. It is a lightweight product, and yet that does not compromise on its durability, thanks to the fact that it is made of aluminum.

It has a useful angled design, which is great for alignment. It is the unit’s string grooves that make it ideal for axle to axle bows. You will, however, not fid any measurements specified of the axle to axle. You may love the sight you get with this peep from its 3/16” aperture.

Generally, if you are looking for a unit that you can use with your compound bow, then this peep could be it. The peep is durable, thanks to its aluminum make, which also makes it lightweight. Besides being a reliable product, you may love the clarity of sight that you get with the TRUGLO.

A notable setback with this model is that there are no axle to axle measurements. If you were hoping to determine the length of bow to use, then you may be disappointed by this challenge. Nevertheless, this product delivers high accuracy and performs well and for long.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Angled design


  • There are no axle to axle measurements


One of the things that you may come to love with the TRUGLO Versa is that you to remove this peep from the string in order to make size or color adjustments. Its interchangeable insert takes the hassle off. The available measures are 3/16”, 5/32” and 1/8” and the available colors are black, green, and red.

Like other products in our list, the Versa comes lightweight, thanks to its aluminum make. You can rely on it to last you a good amount of time, thanks to its build. You may also find it to be great for compound bows, thanks to its ¼” sight diameter, coupled with the angled design.

This models interchangeable feature makes it a great product, along with its value features, like durability and easy installation. You may, however, be disappointed by the product’s price. If you were hoping for something pocket-friendly, then the TRUGLO Versa may not be it. Nevertheless, it is an amazing product.


  • Wide array of colors
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Adjustable diameter and color


  • Pricey

Accuracy is one of the things you could pay for in bow hunting. If something can help make better shots, would you not consider it? A peep sight is one such attachments, which is stringed to a bow to provide a better aim and thus, more accurate shots.

They are small enough to cause as little an obtrusion as possible and serve as rear sights. With your foresight in mind and target, you may find a peep sight to be a great addition. Without one, it may be difficult to attain a proper alignment of the bow string, foresight, and target. How does this work?

When stringed to a bow, a peep sight provides rear sight, which ensures better alignment with both the foresight and your target. While at full draw, therefore, you may be able to take down your target with higher chances of success.

Plenty of factors come into play when talking about a great peep sight. This may have to do with their construction, size, or delivery, and are good to watch out for. Among them is the diameter. It can be confusing, whether to go for a small or large diameter peep sight.

It depends on what you are looking for, and where you will be hunting from, along with expected conditions. If you hope for higher accuracy, regardless of low light, then you may want to go for a small aperture. They allow for finer alignments and adjustments, which in turn deliver accurate shots.

A larger aperture would not mean poor or low accuracy, nevertheless. So, if you will be hunting under low-light conditions, then perhaps you should consider this over the former. A small aperture limits the light that passes through, so you may struggle with making shots in such conditions.

Now, if you still hope for higher accuracy in low-light, then you could consider getting peep sights with glowing apertures. You will still get to make fine adjustments, while having control of your light intensity by limiting it to only what you are going to need.

If you will be hunting in the open outdoors or the sun, however, then you may find illuminated models to be less ideal. Go for non-reflective peep sights, which will reduce or prevent glare, thus ensuring high-accuracy shots. So, your choice, at the end of the day, should suit your needs and hunting environment best.

For more accurate angles with your peep sight, some bows like the compound type may come with rubber-tubed peep sights. How does this affect your use or a peep’s performance? On drawing your bow, the tubing is made to pull on your peep and adjust its angle for higher accuracy.

We have discussed apertures, and may still highlight on it towards the end of this article. What size, however, is most ideal and should you thus go for? We all have different preferences. What works best for me may not for you. 

With peep sights, you may want to get one that allows you a clear and accurate sight. You could try different brands to get varied experiences, check out customer feedback, or stick on to determine what may work for you.

As aforementioned, if you will not be easily affected by low lighting, then you may want to consider getting small peeps. This depends on what you will be hunting, where, and the time, among other factors that could be special to you. Whatever you feel you need for a successful hunt.

We have more preferences for hunting under low-light conditions. Here, you get two options. You can go for a larger-diameter peep, which will allow more light through it, or you can go for an illuminated/glowing model, which will produce the required amount of light under the conditions.

Some of the sizes that you should expect to come across are a 1/4 -inch, which is on the bigger side, the 3/16-inch, which falls within medium range, and an 1/8-inch, which may come smallest. Remember, whatever works for your needs, conditions, and of course, preferences.

Even the largest peep sight is still one of the smallest equipment any bowhunter can have. Despite this size, however, their importance and usefulness where accuracy is concerned, is something every hunter would want to enjoy. With the right conditions and considerations, you should reap the most from the best product.

You are able to attain high accuracy with a small peep because of how it constricts your field of view. This may not be of much use, however, if you cannot see through without straining. With your peep placement, there are a few things you may want to keep in check.

You face the risk of low accuracy and poor consistency if your peep is not already within your eyesight by the time you need to aim your shot. At full draw of your string, your eye should land at a position naturally, and this would be the best peep placement.

Besides ensuring that it does not fall too high or too high to force you into adjustability positions, good peep placement could also ensure that you do not strain when making your aims and shots, thus better speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Ghost Ring

Unlike older versions that you may find to be common with rifles, the ghost ring is a handy hunter’s attachment that you can compare with a peep for its usefulness and design. The two, generally, serve the same purposes, and have similar size. You may, however, find their designs to differ. 

A ghost ring is built with two sides, each offering something different for your accuracy. For less obscurity, the ring is pretty thin on the side that faces you, while the other that is away, comes thicker for easy locating.

You may have held the notion that a ghost ring could be bigger or smaller than a peep sight. It actually offers the same size options as the latter does, which means that a small may come at 1/8-inch, a medium at 1/36-inch, and a large at ¼-inch.

While you may note some difference in use, the medium (1/36-inch) ghost ring offers a peep-like design. If you are looking to make the best comparison fit, then this size could be it. You should expect the same that was prevalent with this peep size in the ring, but just in a more general manner.

Peep sights are more common with bows—crossbows, recurve bows and even compound bows; ghost rings, on the other hand, are more ideal for rifles, handguns, and among others, shotguns. They may not offer that good a fit for a bowstring. This comparison, therefore, sheds more light on the performance of the sights.

Talking about performance, what are you hoping to achieve from a peep sight? If it is accurate shots, then you may not worry as much about light. In that case, you will have to go for a small peep, as we have determined. When you need more light than accuracy, on the other hand, then a large diameter should do the trick.

Open Sight

How do you distinguish between open and peep sight? The open-notch sight, as it would suggest itself, creates space between the edges and sides on the front sight, hence the light bars. What is their significance? Light bars help with shot alignment; this is how you will be able to ensure to have your shots right.

An open sight enhances performance from the rear and is thus ideally placed far off the shooter. When perpendicular to your line of sight, you may be able to make the best shots. A notable setback in this case would be that an open sight is more common with rifles and may not serve you well on a bow.

All in all, have in mind what you are looking for. If you are a hunter or practicing archery target shooting, then you may have your unique requirements of a peep sight. It is a good idea to take the time to go through your options to determine what works best for you.

Besides all that we have discussed, it is prudent that you consider factors such as durability, lightness, and price. A peep sight should last you the duration you hope to use it for and even longer. It should also withstand weather conditions that could keep varying depending on when and where you hunt or practice.

However, most durable models may come heavy. A product that delivers durability at manageable weight is a good value for your money. Speaking of price, you should always go for a product that makes you happy, while keeping an eye on your budget.

Your preferences help ensure you do not go back making purchases until you have it right—they ensure you leave satisfied. You should, nevertheless, not exceed your limits by seeking your preferences; work with what you can manage. All that said, I would like to wish you happy shopping!

Bottom Line

Any hunter would find a boost on their accuracy level to be a great addition to their experience. A peep sight provides extra precision, serving you well in different conditions. Mostly coming in three different sizes, each level provides varied results when used differently.

A small peep sight, as we have seen, will be ideal for varied conditions from those of a large peep sight; each will provide different results. You may also find each peep to have a unique design, which may affect your performance and comfort when using them.

Besides the products we have looked at, there are more peep sights in the market that you could choose from. Determining the best can be confusing, but we have discussed plenty of information that should make your choice easier. I would like to recommend the G5 Meta Pro.

Made of 7000 high-grade aluminum, this peep comes tubeless, with radical side grooves for the easy rotation. It provides a non-reflective glare protection from light and comes handy in low light conditions, with its maximum field of view.

It also lessens string wear and provides an extra edge for practicing archery or hunting, with its fixed aperture. It comes in a wide array or colors. 

There is no reason why you should not get the G5 Meta Pro. Buy it today!


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