What are the Top Portable Tripod Stands for Deer Hunting?

Every hunter has preferences when acquiring gear. Having the right equipment increases your chances of a successful hunt. A tripod deer stand is one of the things that you will come to love as you explore the extents of your freedom of choice. With one of these systems, you can hunt from your desired spot.

Other reasons that come up when considering to purchase a tripod deer stand, is the unavailability of trees, or any suitable ones. You may find yourself in an environment with no option but to set up your own stand. Consider how far you would like to set out and how far high you would like to be.

A good system should be easily portable, and silent. You do not want to have squeaks or instability. They are not only a spook to game but also a signifier of unsafety. Get a durable stand that is comfortable and spacious. This combination of features will transform your hunt wholly. 

There are plenty of tripod deer stands available; how do you choose the best? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best stands in the market. We will also have a look at some of the important considerations to make when shopping for them, and both their advantages and disadvantages. 

Sniper Sentinel

 If you are looking for the best tripod stand that can last you for hunts with its sturdiness? Then you may want to consider the Sniper Sentinel, built to withstand harsh conditions and deliver the best. From its name, you will find this stand to be great for rifles.

That does not mean, however, that other deer hunters cannot use it. If your preference is bow hunting, then you may find some use for the stand. You may, however, want to do everything seated because it comes with a seat. This should help with not only camouflage but also with maintaining ground and stability.

Some tripod stands may squeak when you are climbing, and others may rock. The Sniper Sentinel offers great stability, ensuring that your stand remains motionless and quiet. This way, you will be able to conceal your presence from deer. Besides that, you may also find it to be easily collapsible and portable.

A great feature for its portability is the ability to detach the legs from the seat by unbolting. Once apart, you can easily collapse the legs and keep them. Not many tripod stands are as light as this 66-pound model; carrying it should thus not be strenuous. You should find it to be comfortable, and excellent for a hunt.


  • Easy setup and deconstruction 
  • Lightweight 
  • Noiseless
  • Sturdy


  • One seat platform

Guide Gear

If you are on a budget or would just appreciate great value for your money, then you may want to check out this stand by Guide Gear. You should find this system to be quite comfortable. It also operates quietly and comes with a suspension seat which has been designed to minimize its noise.

More on the product’s comfort, is that it comes with a padded armrest, backrest, and shooting rail. Your feet can also enjoy some comforting support and relief from fatigue, with this stand’s bar. When hunting for long hours, these comfort features will go a long way in lessening possible strains.

You may love its three-leg design once the stand is installed on the ground. Its support system, which features 3 arms, locks firmly. Its base also accommodates anchors. Like every great tripod deer stand, you may come to find this system easy to set up and deconstruct.

If you are worried about having to drag a heavy stand over a long distance, then you may appreciate this product’s 60-pound weight. While it may have minimal wobbles, you will find this system to offer great steadiness and sturdiness.

Some notable setbacks are that it may not be as easier to set up as it is to take down. It may also not be ideal for heavy hunters.


  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy


  • You may not find it as easy to set up as it is to take down
  • Not ideal for heavy hunters

Millennium T-100

You need a great combination of features for an ideal product. The Millennium T-100 has a sturdy design, which is built strong to withstand harsh treatment and accommodate heavy users. If you are looking for a product that will serve you for long, catering your weight requirements, then this could be it. It is durable.

When you are looking for a durable product, you may want to consider its construction. The material used and its strength should tell you how much confidence is okay to have with it. An aluminum construction by Millennium offers just what you need, along with a powder coating.

Still on weight, the capacity that this stand can withstand is 300 lbs. You should also enjoy a 10-feet eye height. You may also find it to be comfortable. Hunting for long hours should not feel torturous or hard with the Millennium. It is also quite easy to pack up and move around with. 

What is more, is that this product offers a great view for making the best and among the easiest shots. The ability to swivel your seat to 360 degrees gives you more flexibility and increases the angle that you will be covering. A notable setback with the product is that some old and young users reported trouble getting in and out.


  • Comfortable
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Lightweight
  • Great weight capacity
  • Durable


  • Some old and young users had trouble getting in and out

Sniper STTP70

If you like hunting from a pretty high point, then this product may interest you. Besides its great design and construction, you may love the Sniper STTP70 for its amazing performance. Its high-quality construction delivers high durability. A durable product will last and serve you for long.

This product also offers plenty of amazing comfort features. It has a cushioned seat, along with padded back and armrests. It is not common to come across such features at an affordable price, but Sniper STTP70 delivers. It has a hunter and their performance in mind.

The 360 swivel seat is a feature that many people go for, because it gives you more flexibility, allowing you to turn swiftly, in all directions. You can hardly ever miss a shot if you utilize your chances. You may come to love the overall design because of its simple, yet quality construction.

Generally, the Sniper STTP70 is quite comfortable, with padded arm and backrests. It also has a cushioned seat and a 360 degrees swivel. You may find it to be durable and yet stable. All these come at a pocket-friendly price. A notable setback with the product, however, is that its assembly may not be so easy.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • 360-degrees swivel


  • Problematic assembly 

X-Stand Kingpin

If you are looking for one of the lightest models of tripod deer stands, then you may have just found it with the X-Stand Kingpin. You may also find this product to be one of the best aluminum models. It has an easy setup and deconstruction; you should also find it easy to move around with.

One of its amazing features is that the stand can accommodate two seated individuals. You may find the mesh shears to be comfortable; they also come with backrests. If you would like to have someone with you for the hunt, or are training someone else, then you may find this system to be great.

Its padded rail of 11 inches is great for positioning your weapon for a shot. You may love the system’s construction. It is durable and stable, and should not give you any trouble when either climbing up or using it. It has a stand leg design and comes along with a sturdy ladder to aid with climbing. 

It is also built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and last you. This is perhaps the product with the greatest weight capacity in our list, able to accommodate well up to 500 pounds. It also helps with staying hidden, having camouflage compatibility. A notable setback with this product concerns its platform bolts.


  • Easy setup
  • Padded rail
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight 
  • Stable


  • Complaints with platform bolts

Buying Guide

When hunting, every choice you make has the potential to affect your success. While hunting on foot or on top of trees could offer some desirable results, you may often feel yourself restricted to what nature has to offer on both camouflage and field of view. A tripod stand offers the best answer.

High-ground offers a better view than below. This means that you will more likely be able to spot game from far off and act with better precision. Trees offer high ground, but not with the choice of location. You may not be able to choose an ideal spot for the best shots.

When deer hunting, you may find tripod stands to be quite useful. They provide an outstanding aerial view, giving you more advantage. A good stand for deer hunting should be sturdy and secure to hold you stably high up. It should also be highly durable, to last you through harsh outdoor treatment.

Other than conditions that a good tripod stand for deer hunting should meet, you will find that upon using one, you may be able to withstand the long waiting time while enjoying better view, flexibility, and thus, higher chances of success. Why don’t we have a look at some more features that a good stand offers?

Safety is one of the most important things to look out for. Being suspended high in the air calls for caution. You need to be certain that the product you will be using can withstand not only your weight but also that of any equipment that you may have with you. 

Systems that accommodate two individuals should be able to withstand both weights. You don’t want to have breakages or damages while in the course of hunting or upon settling down. A safe stand gives you the peace of mind that you will need for hunting and boosts confidence.

Along with safety, you may want to think about your product’s durability. If it can withstand your weight, then it means it has or should, a strong build. In turn, this ensures that you are able to use your tripod stand for a long time. An excellent product should last you a lifetime.

Remember, however, that you will be using your stand in the outdoors. This exposes it to harsh weather conditions that may wear even the strongest builds. Some protective coating may go a long way in keeping off rust and preventing damages from weather/climatic conditions.

You may want to put comfort ahead of most other considerations. You should be comfortable enough when out hunting on a stand. The success of your shots depends greatly on how comfortable you feel, and how stable you are at your position. Discomfort may affect your accuracy and thus, general performance.

Hunting involves a lot of patience also. Sometimes, you may have to wait out hours for game, and a great shot. Comfort will mean a lot to this wait. If you do not feel comfortable enough, you may not be able to withstand the long hours continuously without sores or back pains.

How do you ensure your comfort when deer hunting on a tripod stand? It is advisable that you get a system with padded seating. This will ensure that you sit for hours without tiring yourself. Padded backrest can relieve any strains on your back and prevent any sores.

Padded footrest can help ensure that your feet remain comfortable through hours of sitting, with little to no position changes. When the hunting begins, however, you may find a system that allows for easy shifting to be quite ideal. You should also get good posture from a good tripod stand. 

You may come to find a spacious system to be quite useful. Space allows you to move freely when you need to, swing your hands flexibly, and even shift positions without straining. It would be a good idea, therefore, to get a stand that has favorable dimensions, offering ample space. 

Along with space, is weight capacity. A spacious system should also be able to hold your weight. Moreover, you may come across tripod stands which can accommodate two hunters at a go. Such stands should offer both individuals enough space to move and shift positions.

When moving to your desired hunting spot or position, you will find portability to be an important consideration to make. You should be able to carry your tripod stand because if you cannot, then you may not be able to use it. Easily portable stands feature a good balance of height and weight.

This means that you should steer clear of heavy stands. Opt for more lightweight designs. In so doing, keep in mind the importance of the overall quality. An easily portable stand should be easy to package; on the other hand, setting it up should be just as easy.

Still on heading out to your desired spot or setting up your equipment, you will come to find silence to be another important consideration. If you are not silent enough, then you may spook away game, and lower your chances of returning with anything. 

You may, therefore, come to find the need to be as silent as possible when moving and setting up your equipment. Some stands may produce noise even when packaged and on transit. These would not be ideal tripod stands to go for. Get something that you can ferry quietly.

Other stands produce more noise when setting up. It could be squeaks or clangs. If your stand is not stable enough, then you may have more trouble upholding your stealth. Get a stand that does not produce as much noise or sound—a quiet, motionless system would be most ideal.

What size of tripod stand would be best for deer hunting? This depends on not only your preferences but also needs; so, what do you require? If you would like a wider field of view, then you may want an eye height of up to 16 feet. If you would like a closer range to your game, then 10 feet could do.


What are some of the things that a tripod deer stand is good for? We have looked at some, but it would not hurt to discuss them further. One is an enhanced vision. From high a tripod stand, you can sure enjoy a better view of not only your surroundings but also approaching game.

Some designs even enable you to change your positions swiftly and quietly, attaining a 360 degrees coverage of your surroundings. Increased field of vision, therefore, is one of the benefits you will be glad to bag from a good tripod stand system.

The freedom of choice that a tripod deer stand gives you, as we have seen, is just amazing. One of the ways to get the best from your hunt is perhaps to free yourself to search where the heart most desires. Your favorite spot will always mean something to your success.

You do not have, therefore, to let the absence of trees deter you. A tripod deer stand allows you to set yourself up wherever you find suitable. Good models offer great camouflage and field of view. You will also be safe from high up the best brands and comfortable, waiting for your best shot.

You may also come to find tripod stands to offer great portability. This is because you can simply deconstruct, and pack them up. This helps when you have a lot of distance to cover between you and your desired hunting spot. You may not find all the available systems to be portable, so take your time to choose the best.


Do they have setbacks? Like everything else, they do. However, a tripod deer stand’s setbacks are things that you will have to learn to overcome if you are going to use them because unfortunately, some things cannot be changed. 

One is weight. While lightweight designs are available and can offer options that do not compromise on a product’s integrity, you will generally find tripod deer stands to be heavy. Even the lightweight models are still heavy because when compared to trees, you will have lesser gear to carry.

You may also find yourself more exposed on tripod deer stands. Trees and other natural habitat offer great camouflage. The problem with choosing your ideal spot is that it may not provide the same camouflage. You may thus be more easily noticeable.


A great tripod deer stand may offer plenty of amazing features. It should, however, not miss quality construction. A strong build ensures that you use your stand for as long as you need to, without having to worry about safety, damages, or rusting. It should thus, be durable.

Protective coating goes a long way in ensuring the stand remains protected from harsh, natural conditions that may wear its parts out. High-quality construction means that you save time at the end of the day, and also money. No need for replacements or endless complaints.

A high-quality stand is also easy to use. Why you would prefer a tripod deer stand over a tree is for matters that the latter does not help solve. You should find a good stand to be easy to carry, without compromising on the integrity of its construction. It should also be easy to set up.

Your stand should have an accommodating design and offer ideal capacity. It should be built to serve you best in your ideal hunting spot, offering comfort and innovation. A good stand should also be spacious and provide steps that are easy to climb.

Bottom Line

The right hunting equipment are all you need for success out there. One of the ways that you can increase your view and hunting advantage is to get a tripod deer stand. You will be able to spot game from a distance, and the ability to spin some models to up to 360 degrees leaves nothing to chance.

The best stand depends on plenty of factors. You need to be assured of your safety, and the product’s durability. A comfortable product will also go a long way in seeing you through hours of waiting out game. We have discussed other important considerations and sieved the good from the bad.

Which product then should you walk home with? You could have your preferences of an ideal product in mind or still have considerations to make. Whatever the case, I would like to recommend the Sniper Sentinel. 

It has been built to withstand harsh conditions and deliver the best. It offers great stability, ensuring that it remains motionless and quiet. You may also find it to be easily collapsible and portable. This tripod stand is light at 66-pounds. You should find it to be comfortable, and excellent for a hunt. 

There is no reason why you should not get this product. But the Sniper Sentinel today!


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