What are the Top Recurve Crossbows for Deer Hunting?

Crossbow hunting is a widely practiced sport because it is both intriguing and very enjoyable. In as far as hunting weapons are concerned, crossbows are usually preferred since they are accurate hence guaranteeing you of a successful hunt.

When it comes to crossbows, you have to understand that there are various types. Of these, recurve crossbows seem to be the best in the market. A majority of hunters prefer them because they offer a wide range of advantages.

They are much lighter in weight than the other crossbows, therefore making them so much easier for you to move around with from one location to the next. Furthermore, the fact that they are more accurate is another huge upside since accuracy is very key in hunting.

Recurve crossbows are less complicated than the other types of crossbows hence making them very easy to use and handle. Would you really want a crossbow that is difficult to use? Hunting is a very engaging exercise and this is honestly the last thing you need.

It is clear that recurve crossbows are very suitable, but how do you choose the best one? There are so many recurve crossbows hence choosing the best one can be quite a task. To make your work easier, I will review various recurve crossbows with the aim of helping you find the best.

SA Sports Empire

If you are looking for excellent functionality as well as high quality, then this is definitely the recurve crossbow for you. It offers you top tier features and you can honestly never go wrong with the SA Sports recurve crossbow.

The first outstanding feature of this crossbow is the fact that it has a very friendly design. If you are new to crossbow hunting then this is the ideal crossbow for you since it is not complicated hence it will give you a very easy time.

The fact that it comes with various safety features is also another outstanding feature of this crossbow. It comes with an ambidextrous auto safety technology that is accompanied by a large hand saver palm grip and a boot style stirrup.

These not only guarantee you of maximum safety but also make it very convenient for you to use. In as far as durability is concerned, this recurve crossbow is very durable. It is built with an aluminum track and barrel that makes it possible for the crossbow to serve you.


  • It is light in weight hence portable.
  • It has very effective safety features.
  • It is accurate.
  • Has high quality.
  • It is durable.


  • It does not come assembled.

CentrePoint Sniper 370

This is a recurve crossbow that is very powerful and effective. It has very high quality and contains features that ensure your hunting venture is nothing but a success. With this splendid combination of high quality and excellent features, it is a really outstanding crossbow.

It is light in weight, as well as compact, thereby making it very easy for you to move around with. Hunting is a very fatiguing experience and therefore the best hunting gear is definitely that which does not add to your fatigue.

Besides its portability, this crossbow comes with a completely adjustable stock, giving you the liberty to adjust it to the angle that best suits you.

Cognizant of how sacred silence is during hunting, it contains integrated string suppressors that make it possible for you to take vibration and noise-free shot. The fact that it has a three hundred and seventy firing velocity makes it a very powerful and accurate crossbow.


  • It is light in weight hence portable.
  • It is accurate.
  • It is quiet.


  • The bolts are of poor quality.

 Best Jaguar Crossbow

In terms of power and excellent quality as well as functionality, this is definitely the most ideal recurve crossbow. The fact that it comes with a velocity of two hundred and seventy-five and a draw of one hundred and seventy-five pounds, makes it a very powerful and accurate crossbow.

Making a clean shot is often very difficult. It becomes even worse when you only partially injure your target, resulting in it taking off while wounded. Would you honestly want to pursue a wounded target?

This would be very tedious and frustrating. Nonetheless, this is a situation you will never encounter with this crossbow since its power and accuracy guarantee you of a swift and clean shot.

To ensure your safety, it comes with a pair of safety glasses as well as a shoulder sling so as to make it easier for you to carry it around. Another huge advantage of this crossbow is the fact that it comes with four aluminum bolts, hence saving you the money you might have spent on bolts.


  • It is powerful.
  • It is accurate.
  • It is portable.
  • It is durable.
  • Easy to use.


  • It comes with arrows that are of poor quality.

Barnett Recruit

The Barnett Recruit is a very outstanding recurve crossbow. It consists of very high-quality construction materials, that ensure its durability. You will therefore never have to worry about the crossbow serving you for only a short while before giving in to wear and tear.

Besides durability, it has a very smooth trigger that is capable of firing at a speed of two hundred and forty-five, making it an incredibly powerful and accurate crossbow. With it, you are therefore guaranteed of successfully capturing your target.

When it comes to portability, it is very light in weight as well as compact, therefore making it very easy to transport from place to place. It is very easy to assemble, thereby sparing you the frustration that results from trying to figure out how to assemble a crossbow.

It comes with a red dot scope, three arrows, and a quiver, therefore making it extremely easy to use. It is aimed at ensuring your comfort and success in the hunting field and simply achieves this by providing you with uncomplicated features hence giving you an easy time.


  • It is light in weight.
  • It is accurate.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The scope is of poor quality.
  • It is very difficult to cock.

CentrePoint Tyro 4X

This is a very outstanding crossbow that is really fascinating and easy to use. This factor makes it a very beginner-friendly crossbow hence making it an ideal choice for those who are new to crossbow hunting.

It comes designed for sixteen-inch bolts but it is very flexible since it can also work very well with bolts that are twenty-inches. Besides flexibility, it is a really fast crossbow, ensuring that the arrow hits your target hard and fast, therefore completely taking it out.

The fact that it is completely easy to assemble is really advantageous since this gives you an easy time. Hunting is an activity that requires you to be on schedule and the last thing you need is being late as a result of a crossbow that is really difficult to assemble.


  • It is light in weight.
  • It is fast and accurate.
  • Has great quality.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Is beginner-friendly.


  • The bolts are of very poor quality.

Factors you have to consider when looking for the best recurve crossbow.

As mentioned earlier, finding the best recurve crossbow can be a really rigorous and frustrating task. This is often because there are so many recurve crossbows to choose from, therefore making the choice a rather difficult and confusing one.

This difficulty mostly results from the fact that most people do not know what features to look for in a crossbow. What are the features that make a recurve crossbow the best? This lack of knowledge results in people buying poor quality crossbows only to be disappointed later.

To spare you such disappointment, I will share with you various features that have to be considered so as to help you find the best recurve crossbow in the market. These features can also be defined as the various fundamental questions that you need to ask yourself.

You should always avoid going for crossbow shopping without knowing what exactly you are looking for. Strictly adhering to these features will not only help you get the best recurve crossbow but will also ensure that you get value for your money.

Is it portable?

Portability is a very primary factor that you must consider before purchasing a recurve crossbow. As you know, during hunting you are usually forced to move around either when tracking your target or when looking for the most suitable hunting ground.

It is therefore fundamental for you to ensure that the recurve crossbow you choose is easily portable. In as far as portability is concerned, the basic features you have to consider are the weight and the size of your crossbow.

It goes without saying that the heavier the crossbow, the more difficult it is for you to transport. The most ideal recurve crossbow is therefore that which is light in weight. You want to choose a crossbow that will make it possible for you to carry it without straining.

One that will not have you completely energy drained and exhausted before the actual hunting even begins. Apart from the weight, also carefully assess its size. Crossbows that are large in size tend to be bulky and hence difficult to move with.

A smaller crossbow is definitely very advisable since the small size makes it very compact hence easily portable. 

Besides the size and weight, there are other factors that are also very relevant when it comes to portability. Whether or not it comes with a sling is another important factor to consider. 

Supposing that indeed the crossbow is light in weight and compact, are you expected to carry it with your bare hands? This would be really disadvantageous and unreasonable considering that you have other hunting gear to take care of.

It is because of this that the ideal recurve crossbow must contain a shoulder sling. This makes your work really easy since it enables you to comfortably carry your crossbow alongside your other hunting equipment.

Is it durable?

Durability is another very fundamental factor that you have to consider. Whether or not a recurve crossbow is able to last you a long while is a really important question that you have to ask yourself before purchasing a recurve crossbow.

Would you really want to spend your money on a crossbow that will only serve you for a short while? Hunting is a sport that takes place in various seasons and therefore the best recurve crossbow is that which is able to diligently serve you through all these.

When it comes to the question of durability, the primary feature you have to consider is the crossbow’s construction materials. What materials have been used to design the crossbow? It is safe to say that if these materials are not durable then your crossbow will not be durable.

The most advisable recurve crossbow to go for is that which is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a very useful component since it is very strong and capable of withstanding the harsh conditions that are often associated with hunting.

You deserve a recurve crossbow that is able to survive the common drops and bangs that most hunting gear often go through.

The durability of a crossbow can also be determined by its sling. Carefully assess a crossbow’s sling while considering the fabric that is used. Is it neatly and firmly woven? How is its quality? 

If the fabric used on the sling is of good quality and firmly woven, then you are guaranteed that the sling will not easily tear, and hence it is durable.

How is the quality?

The quality and durability of a crossbow goes hand in hand. It is the quality that determines whether or not a crossbow is durable. It, therefore, goes without saying that a poor quality crossbow translates to one that is not durable and vice versa.

Quality not only involves durability but also entails you getting value for your money. Would you really want to spend your money on a crossbow that has poor quality? This would be a waste of your funds since a poor quality crossbow is obviously ineffective.

If the crossbow comes with bolts or arrows, ensure that you carefully assess them. Their quality will definitely inform you of whether or not they will be effective. In such a situation, you, therefore, have to ensure that both the arrows and the bolts are of high quality.

The aim is for you to ensure that you spend your money on a recurve crossbow that has great quality since this guarantees you of a successful hunt.

Does it effectively serve its purpose?

This is a question that people often forget to consider. What is the purpose of a recurve crossbow? Its purpose is to simply help you successfully capture your target and this is made possible by the features it has to offer.

In as far as effectiveness is concerned, the primary factor you have to consider is a crossbow’s functionality, which is simply determined by its features.

Is it fast? The speed of your crossbow is very fundamental since it ensures that you successfully capture your target. The last thing you need is a slow crossbow since this would be very ineffective.

The speed and accuracy of your recurve crossbow are determined by its draw weight. If a crossbow has a powerful draw weight, then you are completely guaranteed of successfully capturing your prey.

The other factor that you should consider is whether or not a crossbow comes with a scope. Hinting is not a guessing sport and therefore having a device that helps you clearly see your target as well as calculate the distance between you, is definitely a huge plus.

This is the purpose of a crossbow scope. The best recurve crossbow is definitely that which comes with a scope since this not only ensures your accuracy but it also helps you save the extra money you might have spent on buying your own scope.

However, it is very important to note that it is not enough for your recurve crossbow to only have a scope. Whether or not it works effectively is another factor you have to carefully consider. When it comes to how effective the scope is, the first thing you have to look at is its quality.

A poor quality scope will definitely not adequately serve its purpose, therefore interfering with the crossbow’s accuracy hence resulting in an unsuccessful hunt.

It is therefore upon you to ensure that you carefully consider all these factors since they determine whether or not you will have a successful hunting venture. 

You want to make certain that you spend your money on a commodity that delivers and therefore always ensure that you are on the lookout.

Is it noisy?

Any good hunter knows that in as far as hunting is concerned, silence is golden. One of the most important factors that determine whether or not you will have a successful hunt, is how quiet and undetectable you are as a hunter.

A target is successfully captured when it does not suspect that it is being hunted. It is therefore very hey to ensure that all your hunting equipment is suitable enough to complement your stealthy movements as you carefully track your prey.

With that being said, it is quite obvious that the last thing you need is a noisy crossbow. Various recurve crossbows tend to make repetitive vibration sounds after being fired.

This is highly disadvantageous since such noise can easily alert the target of your presence thereby resulting in it taking off and hence an unsuccessful hunt. The best recurve crossbow is therefore that which is not noisy.

To ensure that the crossbow you choose is not noisy, it is advisable for you to go for one that has string suppressors. These are highly effective since as the name suggests, their function is to suppress any vibrations that occur as a result of shooting your crossbow.

This, therefore, guarantees you that your cross is will not produce any unwarranted sound. Apart from the sound produced after shooting a crossbow, there are also those that are really noisy when being carried in a sling.

It is therefore upon you to always make certain that the resource crossbow you choose is not noisy hence ensuring that your hunting venture is a success.

Is it safe?

It is unarguable that your safety as a hunter is very paramount. This is because if anything comprises your safety, then it becomes impossible for you to take part in any activity, such as hunting, whilst wounded.

The perfect resource crossbow is therefore that which comes with an ambidextrous auto safety feature as well as safety glasses since these ensure that you are completely safe during your hunting experience.


From the above, it is quite clear that finding the best recurve crossbow is a completely difficult task. To avoid the frustration and confusion, it is very advisable that you adhere to the factors discussed above since this will make your experience so much easier.

According to me, SA Sports Empire is definitely the most ideal recurve crossbow. This is because it not only offers the absolute best in as far as functionality and good quality are concerned but it also completely satisfies all the factors described above.

With this recurve crossbow, you are entirely guaranteed of a hunting experience that will be filled with nothing but success. The best part is that you do not have to break the bank so as to afford this masterpiece. 

It is a crossbow that you are able to get an affordable price, and are completely assured of getting value for your money. The fact that it is easy to use makes it very convenient for all types of hunters, those new to crossbow hunting as well as the experienced.

It contains features such as amazing speed, outstanding safety measures, and durable construction materials, which guarantee you that this crossbow will provide excellent functionality, which is a huge upside.

Therefore if you were confused, the SA Sports Empire is definitely the way to go. Hurry up and get yours today!


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