What is the Top Crossbow Scopes with Rangefinder Built In

Honing your shooting skills is one pre-requisite that every crossbow hunter should consider possessing. However, your skills and expertise may prove to be ineffective in certain instances.

Take this scenario. You spend days practicing how to shoot. When you finally get into the woods, you are unable to spot your game since your blind spot is way too far from where they are.

So all your shots end up being ‘bad shots’ due to the distance, and the animal gets away. How will your harnessed skills help in this case? 

Right away, the advantages of having a scope with a rangefinder cannot be overstated. The scope will come in handy and aid in sighting the animal. The rangefinder, on the other hand, will help you to approximate the shooting distance in various occasions.

The only challenge is finding the right products. Various options are available in the market, each differently designed depending on the manufacturer. How can you possibly know the best pick?

We took the challenge and carried out an extensive review to find the best rangefinder scope. In case you are looking forward to buying one, we hope that our list will be helpful.

Ultimate Arms Gears

 For a fairly affordable scope with a rangefinder, Ultimate Arms is the answer. The crossbow scope is made from quality aluminum material to enhance its durability. The matte finishing makes it even more attractive.

Ultimate Arms features a magnification power of 4x. This means that the target animal will appear four times as bigger when you try to locate it. Plus, the objective lens has a diameter of 32 millimeters. 

This allows enough light to pass through the tube and into the ocular lens, giving you a sharp image. It can work well if you prefer hunting when there is minimum light like evenings.

Moving on, the lens used for this particular scope has multiple coatings maximize on brightness and clear vision. You need this if you are going after the preciseness and accuracy of shots.

The crossbow scope is lightweight, weighing about 9.3 oz. it is thus convenient to carry around.

With a tube measuring 1” by 8.25” that has been filled with nitrogen to get rid of moisture, Ultimate Arms is worth investing your money.


  • It is lightweight
  • Made from quality aluminum
  • The reticle has 2 illumination options


  • You can only use specific weaver rail rings
  • The reticle is fixed 

Hawke Crossbow

In the runners up, we have this variable crossbow rangefinder scope by Hawke.  Its optics include adjustable magnification settings ranging between 1.5x and 5x. Thus, it means you can use the product for both long-range and short-range shooting.

The product weighs about 1 pound. In case you don’t like carrying heavy luggage as you walk through the woods, this is an excellent option.

Just like the first pick, Hawke’s objective lens has a diameter of 32 millimeters. This is big enough to allow enough light through. If you are hunting in the dark, you will still be able to gather enough light.

It also comes with a unique feature that allows you to select the speed at which you want to make your shots. This speed options range between 275 feet per second to 425 feet per second. 

Like all quality brands, this one’s optics are multicoated for flawless transmission of light. Consequently, you can be sure that you will get crisp images.


  • Has adjustable magnification settings
  • Features a speed adjustment option
  • Can be used for night hunting


  • The magnification and speed are dependent on each other
  • Might contain harmful chemicals

EO Tech Xbow

To kick us off, the scope weighs about 1.45 pounds. Bearing in mind that you are likely to go several hours before you finally get your trophy, this becomes an excellent option. You will not become exhausted easily.

The product has been designed using aluminum material to ensure it can stand the test of time. 

Unlike most of the crossbow scopes, this one is flexible. Put differently, you are not restricted to using a single type of weaver rail rings. It can be mounted on a MIL-STD 1913 rail or the 1-inch rail version.

It is also important to note that EO Tech crossbow scope is water-resistant and it can survive in water going up to 10 feet deep. It is also able to mask background noises and vibrations, improving your chances of having a successful hunt.

Finally, the hunter has control over the brightness and he can adjust it to whichever level his or her eyes feel comfortable.


  • It is water-resistant
  • It can mask vibrations and background noise
  • The hunter can adjust the brightness level


  • It is not good for low-light hunting
  • The battery can run low while hunting

Truglo Crossbow

Truglo crossbow is lightweight (it 1.1 pounds heavy). Needless to say, every hunter needs to go after such scopes. Something that will weigh you down is certainly not a good option.

The tube of the scope is 1-inch long to further reduce its weight. Also, it has been crafted from aluminum which cannot get easily scratched. This improves the longevity of the product.

Truglo crossbow is designed with a turret that is very helpful in adjusting the elevation and windage of the scope. As for the magnification, it has a power of 4x. This is useful for short-range hunting.

A scope that is friendly to your eyes is also a plus. Truglo fits perfectly into that category, thanks to the rubber-made eye guard. 

It is also air purged to remove moisture. As such, you can use the model during times when temperatures are high without being disturbed by fog. Likewise, it has been specially designed in such a way that it is water-proof. 

The finishing of this model can perfectly blend with the surrounding environment.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is made from quality aluminum material


  • The product cannot be used during dusk or dawn hunts
  • It lacks illumination features

Nikon XR Crossbow

In the fifth place, we have this high-performance crossbow scope from Nikon products. It is made from lightweight material to ensure maximum comfort and convenience throughout your hunting expedition.

Also, the objective lens has a large diameter to allow through enough light for sharp images. The ocular lens as well is large, to ensure that you have a big field of view as you try to sight the animal.

Moving on, the model’s tube is made from quality aluminum for durability and longevity. This tube is nitrogen purged to get rid of trapped moisture which might result in blurry vision. 

The O-ring used for sealing ensures this. As such, the scope is fog proof, resistant to water, and able to absorb shocks.

To add on that, the optics used for Nikon Crossbow have several coatings to ensure that there is maximum transmission of light and crisp images.

The eye relief offered by the model crowns everything.


  • It is friendly to your eyes
  • Offers unparalleled transmission of light
  • It is durable


  • Not good for low-light hunting
  • It lacks illumination options

Buying a Crossbow Scope with Rangefinder: Factors to Consider 

Owning a quality rifle scope is a process. You don’t just walk to the nearest archery shop and ask the attendant for one, no. The first step towards acquiring one is knowing what you want.

What is your form of hunting? What do you prefer? The moment you can answer those questions, then you are ready to proceed to the next step. That entails examining the various options available and comparing their features.

This part of the article focuses on those features that you should be looking out for when doing the comparison. Make sure to go through them before buying that product.

The type of scope 

There are 2 main types of crossbow scopes that are available. The first is type is fixed scopes while the other is variable scopes. From our top 5 picks, for instance, we came across crossbow scopes that had a fixed magnification power of 4x.

Others had magnification options, ranging between 1.5x and 5x. This does not mean that there are no stronger magnification powers beyond 5. The first category is what we are called the fixed scope, while the latter is the variable type.

You want to go for the variable scopes as they come with several advantages. The first is that you can adjust the magnification to suit your shooting range. If you are shooting from let’s say 300 yards away, a stronger power will do you good.

Also, you can use the variable scopes for all types of hunting environments. Bushy environments don’t need strong magnification powers. However, a clear environment might need something strong.

The objective lens

To a large extent, the diameter of the scope’s objective lens determines how much light can pass through the tube into the ocular lens. The larger the diameter, the more the light passing through.

This is where the aspect of the hunting conditions comes in. When do you prefer hunting? At night or during the day? You are more likely to kill more game when there are low light conditions.

However, that possibility becomes slim the moment you find yourself with an objective lens that does not allow enough light into the ocular lens. The simple reason is that you will not be able to spot your target.

If you are a late-night or early morning hunting enthusiast, go for an objective lens with a diameter ranging between 32 millimeters and 42 millimeters. For daytime hunting, however, smaller diameters will still do the trick.

The quality of the glass 

Glass quality contributes in a tremendous way to the type of images you will see through the crossbow scope. The higher the quality, the better the images. 

Most of the scopes use either extra-low dispersion (ED) glass or high definition (HD) glass. As you could expect, HD is much more effective than the ED ones. But there is a huge difference when it comes to pricing.

HD is can be twice as expensive as the ED glass. If you are working within a budget, just settle for the ED version. It will serve you as perfectly.

Additionally, check the quality of coatings used for the optics. Those with multiple coatings perform better than their counterparts. This is because they enhance the transmission of light.


It is important to go for a crossbow scope that has a warranty on all of its parts. This is a sign of goodwill from the part of the manufacturer since they are unlikely to put a warranty on a defective product.

Plus, you will be in a position to change the spoilt parts or have the entire product exchanged if it fails to meet your expectations at any point during the lifetime of the warranty.


Nobody said finding the perfect crossbow scope that comes with a rangefinder was going to be easy. But also, we are not saying that finding one is an impossible mission.

You just have to be certain of what you want. Do you love hunting during the early morning hours, in broad daylight, or at dusk when the sun has gone down? What is the terrain of your hunting environment?

Is it an open area or is it made of thick bushes and trees? Well, you have to be aware of these features to determine the amount of magnification you need as well as the diameter of the objective lens that will work best.

Considering everything, we recommend the Ultimate Arms Gears rangefinder scope. It is equipped with a 4x magnification power which can make your targets appear 4 times bigger.

Also, the objective lens has a diameter of 32 millimeters. This is big enough to allow enough light, meaning that the product is a multipurpose one. It can be used to hunt both during daytime and low-light conditions.

The optics boast of multicoated layers which are key in the effective transmission of light. As such, the hunter can be sure that they will get sharp and focused images.

Get yourself Ultimate Arms Gears today.


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