What are the Top Binoculars for Deer Hunting?

If you are going hunting without a pair of binoculars, then you will be relying on your vision for distance and fast-tracking. Gear is critical to every successful hunt. A pair of binocular enhances the quality, field, and distance of your view.

A good pair of binoculars depends on plenty of factors. From magnification to objective size; from field of view to focus, there is much to consider when determining which pair of binoculars works best for your next hunt. One of the most important factors is ensuring that the binoculars are ideal for hunting. 

It may sound simple, but you will come to find it to be critical. Not every binoculars you come across is ideal for hunting. They may, therefore, not offer the same features that hunting binoculars would. You need, besides a wide field of view, good image quality and other handy features like waterproofing.

You may have successfully narrowed your focus to only hunting binoculars, but something you should know is that there is a wide variety of them available. Choosing the best from what is in the market can always prove to be quite confusing; so, how do you go about it?

First, you don’t have to worry. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best binoculars that you can use for hunting. We will also have a look at what they have to offer, and how to choose the best from what is available. Of course, it is critical that we shed light on what to look for in a binoculars. 

Vortex Optics Viper

You may come to find the Vortex Optics Viper to be one of the best pairs of hunting binoculars, offering optimal performance and great durability. If you are looking for high magnification, then you may find its 10x to be sufficient. With its wide field of view, you should be able to easily spot a target.

This is an outdoor master, built for harsh conditions. You may not face any trouble with how far wild you go with this pair. Besides being waterproof, it is also fog proof and keeps off debris and dirt with its O-ring seal. This combination of features is nothing less of great performance. 

This piece offers outstanding high definition resolution, with its low dispersion glass and colour fidelity. You should find its performance to be excellent in an area or condition with low lighting. This product offers impeccable quality and durability.

You should also expect a rain guard, lens cover, carry case, and neck strap included. The company stands out for its great customer service; so, should you face any challenges, you will be easily heard out. On top of all these, is Viper’s lifetime warranty, which comes unconditionally.


  • High-quality construction
  • High definition resolution
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Not the best eye relief
  • Costly

Vortex Optics Diamondback

This is another great pair of binoculars, and isn’t too different from the Viper. What sets them apart is the HD optics; most of, if not everything else is just about the same—durability, fog and waterproofing and a magnification of 10x, plus a lifetime warranty to top it all.

So, the Diamondback doesn’t have HD optics—what happens to the quality of your images? You may come to love this product’s field of view and adjustable eye pieces. It also comes with a central focus tool for more control over your vision, and convenience.

The Diamondback comes with lens covers and a carry case, among other accessories. You may find its design to be user-friendly. They also offer excellent grip, so whatever the weather, this pair’s rubber exterior has always got you!

While better optics may go a long way for your hunt and thus are worth the cost, Diamondback offers unbeatable value that is worth every consideration.


  • Great grip 
  • User-friendly design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not the best optics

③ Bushnell Trophy XLT 234210

While Diamondback offers unbeatable value, you may find the Bushnell Trophy XLT 234210 to be exceptional. Just like the first two, these binoculars are both water and fog-proof. They feature O-ring seals and a comfortable rubber-armoured housing.

This pair’s soft-touch thumb grips are great for their comfort and the ease they promote. Bushnell binoculars also feature flip covers. They would be perfect for keeping the lenses protected, but unfortunately, fall off easily (you may find them to be flimsy).

When would it be best to use Bushnell binoculars? Anytime! They have been built to suit every condition and withstand even the harshest. They feature 10×42 optics and high-quality, sharp images, thanks to the multi-coated lenses. You may find them to be great with low lighting.

The binoculars offer a sharp focus, which may come quite handy when you have little response time. Generally, this is an affordable product. If you are looking for a light pair, however, then the Bushnell may disappoint. They are heavy, weighing 2.2 pounds.


  • Durable rubber-armoured housing
  • Great optics
  • Comfortable grip


  • Flimsy lens covers
  • Heavy (2.2 lbs.)

Nikon Prostaff 7s 16003

If you are a birder or would like a handy pair of binoculars for hiking, then the Nikon Prostaff may be just what you need. This is because of the product’s image clarity and colour consistency. Its 10×42 lenses have a multi-layer coating. 

Along with the roof prisms, coated, as well with phase correction, you will be getting a classic Nikon with this model. If you are looking for comfort in a pair of hunting binoculars, then this Nikon model may not disappoint. They are great for someone wearing glasses.

This product offers a quick and easy field of view with its smooth adjustability between the eyepiece and your eyes, thanks to its rubber eyecups. It is built with a comfortable rubber-armoured body which delivers great grip through all conditions.

For its price, you may find the Prostate 7s to offer high quality, and thus, great value. It has a solid construction and spectacular optics, which will serve hunters with glasses excellently. A notable setback is with the product’s lens covers, which may feel cheap.


  • Easily adjustable rubber eyecups
  • Solid construction
  • Outstanding optics


  • Lens covers may feel cheap 

Bushnell Falcon 133410

Are you running on a budget? If you’re worried that none of the above products may work for you, then you should consider this most affordable option in our list. The Bushnell Falcon does come at a pocket-friendly price but compromises on quality. 

One of the things that you may have to forfeit for the price, is optimum magnification. What you can get with this model is 7x. If you have more needs, then you may find this to be little. On the other hand, the product’s optics are great for its price. 

It has a coating around the lenses for unmatched light transmission. Its instafocus enables you to track and focus on fast-moving targets with ease and speed. This product may deliver less on some features due to its price, but it also offers a few important ones.

It has a non-slip rubber grip. You may find this to come quite handy in wet conditions. You may also find the pair to be flexible, thanks to its eyecups, which are a fold-down design and are, thus, ideal for individuals with sunglasses and prescription glasses. The cups also protect glasses’ lenses from scratching. 

You may find this piece to be versatile and suitable for hiking, birding, and even watching games, besides hunting. What kind of design would you go for? If your interest is more inclined to something compact, then the Falcon may disappoint you, measuring large at 8 x 6.2 x 3; if you wouldn’t mind, then you’re all set!


  • Good construction 
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Cheap


  • Bulky
  • 7x maximum magnification 

You’re out hunting, and have with you all the gear you thought necessary to carry. Did you remember to pack a pair of binoculars? Binoculars are important equipment for among other reasons, the sight they provide and enhance. 

Consider binoculars to be an extra set of eyes. If you were waiting out for deer or other game, it would be critical to spot them before they spot or trace any foreign elements that can make them flee. It is good to be able to see far without straining, and spot your targets from your own desired spot.

With good vision, however, comes factors to keep in check. One, you would want to ensure that the quality of lighting is excellent. You should not miss to spot something you should have, because of faulty lighting or poor quality.

There are plenty more other things that you may want to ensure are right with your pair, before you can confidently set out with them. Let’s have a look.


Do you think it would be easier to hunt targets if they looked bigger? Well, that would more often than not guarantee shot successes, if the case was true with our eyes. With hunting binoculars, however, larger images are lesser steady, and may thus be harder to take down.

You don’t want too much when hunting, but just enough. Therefore, go for magnifications of not more than 10x. You should find 7x to be well sufficient, and that too much magnification may ruin your hunt. Spotting scopes are an alternative, nevertheless, to anyone who may feel unsatisfied. 

Objective lens size

The objective lens size is something else to consider. It is usually indicated in millimetres, against the magnification. A magnification of 7x, for instance, could have a 40mm lens size; you may come across it as 7×40. How can the objective lens, therefore, affect your choice of binoculars?

Large lenses deliver more image detail. They are quite handy for any hunting expedition. Their high price, however, can be a disappointment. You may also find them to be heavier than lesser lenses. An okay range would be 40 to 42mm. 

Some hunters find thrill in hunting at night, or find themselves in conditions with low lighting. If you’re ever here, then you may find bigger lenses to be quite handy. So, if you can afford the price and don’t mind the weight, then you could bag an advantage with large lenses.

Area of field of view

How far wide can you see with your binoculars? That is its field of view. It is measured over 1000 yards and in feet. A wide field of view means that you will have a great coverage of your surroundings, and can see a large area with your pair of binoculars.

Magnification reduces both the field of view and image size. You should, therefore, consider where you hope to use your binoculars. A wide field of view is critical for open areas. You will also find it helpful with fast-movement tracking.

Focus type

You have a wide variety of binoculars to choose from; they all come in different focus types. With individual focus, you will be able to focus a telescope independently. You can, alternatively, control both with a center focus, which as the name suggests, is a ring used for focusing, situated in the middle.

With free-focus, no adjustments are necessary. You may find this handy with medium-range, but not so for long or even short distances. With focus, therefore, you have a few considerations to make—choose what will work best for your hunting, and is likely to guarantee more success.

Sufficient eye relief

When looking through your pair of binoculars, how far you hold them from your eyes while getting a proper and full view of the image is eye relief. Enough eye relief allows you to get a full image of the field of view, and less eye relief restricts your view to only the center. When is eye relief most important to consider?

When hunting with sunglasses or other glasses. You may find it difficult to hunt with binoculars which have little eye relief, if you are going to wear glasses. What solution is there for this? Get binoculars with eye relief of at least 14 to 15mm.

Light and coatings

Light reflection can sometimes affect your target tracking when using binoculars. For clear images, some products have coated optics on the objective’s glass surface for less glare. Multi-coated units are, therefore, a great addition to your gear or hunting equipment.


How clear do you find your view to be? A better question, perhaps, would be how clear do you need your view to be? Your needs may affect your choice of optics. Quality optics will deliver sharp pictures, and you may find it easier to hunt with them.

When low-light hunting, you may have greater needs for great image quality. With this in mind, however, it is good to remember that magnification affects the image you get. So, getting a perfect balance of both is quite critical.

Size and weight

Here, you will need to consider what works better for you; speed or performance? If you are a fast-moving hunter, then you may prefer a more light and compact design of binoculars. This is because heavier models will slow you down, coming at as much as 2lbs. 

If you care more about the performance of your piece, however, then you may not mind the weight. Models with bigger lenses tend to weigh more; in this case, the bigger the size, the greater the performance. 


Since you will be using your piece outdoors, a waterproof model may come quite handy. Rain and other natural conditions are neither controllable nor predictable. You should have a pair of binoculars that can withstand harsh treatment and keep off debris or dirt.

When it gets wet, holding your binoculars can also get tough. This may worsen if you have to move quickly in the same condition. Rubber-coated binoculars are easier to hold in such conditions.


Accessories are add-ins, and most binoculars will have them packaged. They may include but are not limited to cleaning cloths (for lenses), cases, and even straps. A product that offers handy accessories could put you in a better position than one that does not.

Bottom Line

When you are out hunting, having an extra set of eyes can go a long way in boosting your chances of success. There are plenty of features that you may desire from a nice pair of hunting binoculars. You should look for the best vision and field of view enhancement, and never compromise on performance. 

How do you tell that a product is good or that another will not work for you? Choosing the best can be confusing. We have discussed some important information and considerations that you can make before or when shopping for hunting binoculars. 

I would like to recommend that you go for the Vortex Optics Viper. The pair offers optimal performance and great durability. If you are looking for high magnification, then you may find its 10x to be sufficient. It has also been built to withstand harsh conditions. Besides being waterproof, it is also fog proof and keeps off debris and dirt with its O-ring seal. 

This product offers outstanding high definition resolution, with its low dispersion glass and colour fidelity. You should find its performance to be excellent in an area or condition with low lighting. You should also expect a rain guard, lens cover, carry case, and neck strap included. 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get the Vortex Optics Viper. Buy it today!


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