What are the Best Spotting Scopes Under 200 Dollars for Deer Hunting?

Are you ready to go out hunting? The greatest determinant, as you will come to realize, is the gear you have. There is never hunting equipment that is solely good for every expedition; a variety of gear come into play when setting out for a hunt.

A spotting scope is a handy, high-power telescope that you can use to observe game when hunting, in target shooting, when birdwatching and even tactical ranging. It provides added optics, displaying erect image presentations. 

Are you looking for a spotting scope? You may fear that you are going to have to spend huge sums of money to get one. You may be glad to know that there are options that are available for less than $200. Are they good enough? For the price, you indeed can walk away with a satisfactory product. 

With all the available brands, however, each offering something, how do you choose the best? In this article, we are going to look at some of the best spotting scopes in the market. We wll also discuss their features, and what factors to consider when shopping.

① Celestron

Get an ultimate zoom with this spotting scope’s 80mm lens. You may find it to be large, but it compensates this with its easy portability. The product’s zoom range runs from 20x magnification to 60x. You can, therefore, get a good catch on a distant target.

The Celestron features a waterproof casing, making the product safe and suitable for the outdoors (it is also less sensitive to humidity). Its added soft case layer enhances its protection, and enables you to use it longer and move around with it easily.

Why are you looking for a spotting scope? For viewing, you may find this piece to be spectacular and to offer what you are probably looking for. You may, however, not find it best for photography. Nevertheless, its overall features put it at the top of its league. 

A notable setback is the chromatic aberration. At higher zooming, you may get low image quality, and this is what makes the spotting scope less ideal for photography. It is able to maintain constant colour only at the lowest levels, lessening its balance and delivery.


  • Huge lens
  • Great zoom range
  • Waterproof


  • Low image quality at a high zoom

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme

Our second product has a lot to offer at its affordable price. It is both fog-and-waterproof. Your mirrors and lenses should, therefore, remain fog-free, and present clear, high-quality images, regardless of the conditions. Is that all? Let’s find out.

This spotting scope features a 12” tripod. It also comes with a window mount, which is not a common thing with most other models, which may require the assembly of compatible models and prove difficult.  Forget the hassle with this product, and enjoy your views!

Its hard case is great for moving the product around without compromising on its integrity. You will be able to use it for a good duration. It has adjustable magnification, which you may love, but end up being disappointed in because it comes at a range of 12x to 36x, which is low.

Before purchasing this product, therefore, you should consider whether a low to medium zoom will be sufficient or if you are going to need maximum zoom. In the latter case, this spotting scope may not be the best option for you. If you would not mind it, however, then you will be bagging a great value for your money.


  • Fog-proof and waterproof
  • Included window mount and tripod
  • Hard case


  • Offers only low to medium zoom

③ Gosky BAK4

While all the products on this list are great for their low price, you may find the Gosky BAK4 to be exceptionally good. It has an outstanding zoom, ranging from 20x magnification to 60x. You may also find it to be waterproof, which allows you to suitably use it outdoors. 

Its digiscoping adapter, however, is one of the features that sets this product apart from the rest. This feature allows you to use the spotting scope with your phone to take pictures. You will not come many products that offer the same feature, so that will be a plus to your purchase. 

Something else that you may come to like is this product’s price. The great features that we have discussed, among more, come at well about half what you would expect. If you were running low on finances or on a strict budget, then this could be the product for you.

A notable setback, however, is the Gosky BAK4’s image quality, which you may not come to like when the scope is on maximum zoom—it is best with only short to medium ranges. Chromatic aberration, along with diffusion, results in poor quality. 

Before disregarding this product, nevertheless, you should weigh the importance of range against the other features, including the digiscoping. If you need maximum zoom, then you may want to get a different product but if you’re okay with the short-medium range, then you may walk away with a great product at a great price.


  • Waterproof
  • Included digiscoping adapter
  • Good magnification 
  • Great price


  • Disappointing quality of images at max zoom


You may find the RangeHAWK to have many extras like the tripod, lens cover, and phone mount, besides the spotting scope. On the surface, these may seem too much for the scope. However, the product does perform decently and for its price, is great.

It has a 20x to 60x magnification from its 60mm lens. It is not perfect, but decent. You may, however, find the product to have some setbacks to it. The phone mount may not work perfectly with all phone models; it also feels and is cheap. 

You may also be disappointed by the company’s failure to at times pack all the necessary and paid-for add-ins. Their customer support responds well to complaints and may help ensure that your add-ins are as they should be, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them all in the first place.


  • Good zoom range
  • Good lens
  • Decent performance


  • You may find the phone mount to be cheap
  • Quality issues


The BARSKA DA12194 is one of our affordable products; it is, however, coming last in our list, because it doesn’t offer the best. Let us find out, nevertheless. Its massive 90mm lens provides a zoom range of 30x magnification to 90x. This would have been a top choice if not for notable setbacks. 

One is its image quality, which beyond 100 yards, can be quite disappointing. If you were hoping to bag something from the lens and zoom, then you will, in this case, be on the losing side. Another setback is with the model’s size, which you may find to be large.

A good spotting scope should be easy to mount; in this case, you are going to require a sturdy tripod, lest you will not be in a position to use it. Something else that you may find disappointing is this product’s eye relief—it is no good.

You need good eye relief to be able to use your scope with glasses; that may not be possible with the BARSKA, which may require that you get very close to see. While this product could make a purchasing preference, its poor performance positions it last in our list; you can get something better for the same amount.


  • Great zoom
  • Great, giant lens


  • Poor image quality beyond 100 yards
  • Insufficient eye relief

You probably need a spotting scope for your hunting, hiking or birding. Whatever purpose you have set for it, you are going to need a good product. If you do not intend to spend much, then your priority still does not change—a quality product is worth every cent.

Are there quality products that come at an affordable price? There are. Well, you may not get everything that you would get in a high-end model. If you are planning to spend less, however, then you should be prepared for a few “worthy sacrifices.”

It may not be an easy thing to determine good spotting scopes that come below $200. We have, however, discussed some of the products that you should expect in the market, and that have caught our attention. How can we help you settle on the best choice?

A waterproof model is one of the things you should be looking for. This feature enables you to use your spotting scope in varied weather conditions, and thus reducing limitations to when and where you can use it. Waterproof scopes have been built to last harsh and changing conditions.

What you will often find going along with waterproofing is fog-proofing. Without it, a lens will not be able to show clear images. Fog-proofing places you on top of any disruptions and obstacles to great observations. Enjoy clear pictures all day long, wherever!

Along with the two features, is a hard case. A spotting scope with a hard case can withstand harsh conditions and treatment. You may find ease moving around with it, without risking damages. A hard case gives you the assurance you need when you are hunting or birding; even in photography!

A mount allows you to place the spotting spot on steadier ground. It should be firm or sturdy enough to hold the lens and scope weight. A mount should also be compatible, and a good one, easily accessible. You will, however, be lucky to find that some products come with their mounts, which is a plus.

Your system’s lens size is another consideration that you should make. It determines your field of view and affects your image clarity or quality. While some products have huge lenses and either poor range or image quality, a good lens should deliver good values and results on image quality.

As we have seen, the lens size can affect your zoom range, which is another important factor to consider. How far can your spotting scope zoom? Low to high zooms offer a wide range of magnification, which is good for getting sharper images. 

Above all, is the image clarity, which is affected by most of the factors that we have already shed light on. If you are interested in getting clear and high-quality images, then you may want to consider a product that offers a good combination of desirable features.

When shopping for a spotting scope under $200, it is best that you let your preference take the lead. If you are looking for a piece you can use in photography, then you will have different needs from someone who is looking for a viewing or observation piece.

Bottom Line

Are you a hunter, birder, photographer or hiker? Do you like to observe the outdoors and take images of the surrounding? You may find a spotting scope to be handy equipment. It provides great optics for erect image representations.

If you are running low on money or are working with a budget, then you would probably like to be watchful of your spending. You don’t have to go for expensive, high-end models when you can get the same value with spotting scopes under $200. 

We have, however, seen how confusing choosing the best product from what’s available can be. I hope you found this article and the information we’ve discussed to be helpful. I would like to recommend that you get the Celestron 52250. Why?

It has a giant 80mm lens. It compensates its large size with easy portability. The product’s zoom range runs from 20x magnification to 60x. The Celestron features a waterproof casing, making the product safe and suitable for the outdoors. 

Its added soft case layer enhances its protection and enables you to use it longer and move around with it easily. For viewing, you may find this piece to be spectacular and to offer what you are probably looking for. Its overall features put it at the top of its league. 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get the Celestron 52250. Buy this product today!


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