What are the Top Double Two Person Treestands?

For you to succeed in hunting, it is fundamental that you are always prepared. This is because a lack of thorough preparation will lead to you not capturing your target, hence an unsuccessful hunt.

What do we mean by preparation? Preparation entails having all the necessary hunting gear that will enable you to successfully capture your target. 

Although enjoyable, hunting can be a rather difficult sport, if you do not utilize various hunting equipment. Some of these include a hunting knife, hunting boots, hunting blind, and a hunting tree stand.

A hunting tree stand is a very fundamental equipment that most hunters tend to overlook. This is because they are deemed to be either unnecessary or ineffective. However, contrary to this belief, a hunting tree stand is a very crucial tool that enables you to capture your target.

In as far as tree stands are concerned, there are various types. The two-man ladder tree stand has been considered the best option. When searching for one, it is fundamental that you choose the best two-man ladder stand in the market.

The fact that there are various brands may make this difficult for you. To make your work easier, I will review various two-man ladder stands with the aim of helping you find the best one.

X-Stand Jayhawk

  This is a two-man ladder stand that offers you excellent quality as well as very high-end features. With this tree stand, your hunting is made so much easier and you are guaranteed to successfully capturing your target.

The X-Stand Jayhawk ensures that you get an absolute value for your money by providing you with only the best. The first feature that stands out with this tree stand is its solid construction. It is made of a very durable and sturdy steel material that guarantees you of its durability.

Its strong and durable clamps further guarantee you that this is a very durable tree stand. Once purchased, you will not have to worry about replacing it until after a very long while. 

As a hunter, the most ideal hunting gear is that which can serve you for numerous hunting seasons and therefore its durability is a very huge plus. Your comfort while using any hunting gear is very paramount since this determines whether or not you will capture the target.

With this in mind, this tree stand offers you a very comfortable seat that is spacious enough to accommodate up to two hunters.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Has safety features.
  • Can support up to five hundred pounds.


  • It may be difficult to set up.


Rivers Edge Stand

This is a two-man tree stand that is dedicated to offering you the utmost comfort during your hunting experience. This is a huge upside since as a hunter, your comfort is very important. Besides comfort, this tree stand is made of excellent quality, thereby assuring you of the best.

It comes with a seat that is accompanied by cushions and a backrest to ensure your comfort. If you suffer from back pains, then this is a very ideal tree stand for. Moreover, the fact that it also contains a retractable footrest further guarantees you of your comfort.

When it comes to the question of durability, it contains a powder coating that makes it capable of surviving through difficult conditions that are expected during hunting. Apart from this, it is a very spacious tree stand, giving you enough room to move and adjust your hunting gear.


  • Very comfortable.
  • It is durable.


  • Powder coating wears out quickly.
  • Noisy cushion and backrest material.

Sniper Deluxe Stand

With this two-man tree stand, you are guaranteed of top-notch quality as well as amazing features. In as far as effectiveness is concerned, this tree stand completely delivers. The first feature that stands out is its height.

It has a very great height, thereby making it very easy for you to spot and track your target. This is very advantageous since it increases your chances of making a clean shot, hence guaranteeing you of accuracy.

Apart from its amazing height, it is also very comfortable. It comes with a seat that contains added cushions that help foster your comfort during hunting.

Hunting is an activity that entails you sitting for hours on end while waiting for your target, hence your comfort is very fundamental. This tree stand is also very stable since it comes with additional tree straps.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • Great height.
  • Very stable.


  • The seat cushions are noisy.
  • Not spacious.

Ameristep Stand

The Ameristep ladder stand is very easy to use. During hunting, it is very advantageous to have hunting gear that is easy to use and set up since this gives you a much easier time. Hunting tends to be very frustrating, and the last thing you need is hunting gear that adds to your frustration.

Apart from being very easy to handle and set up, it has an amazing height that enables you to see your target, as well as your surroundings. The padded cushions on the seat help when it comes to ensuring your comfort, which is very key.

It has a very strong and sturdy metal construction that assures you of its durability. This is a tree stand that is capable of serving you for a very long time, which is a huge upside. 

It has a shooting rail that is very convenient since it is adjustable, hence making it easy for you to accurately capture your target.


  • Very comfortable seat.
  • It is durable.
  • Amazing height.


  • Seat cushions are of poor quality.
  • Has no backrest.

Big Game Guardian

In as far as durability and functionality are concerned, this two-man tree stand completely delivers. In as far as durability is concerned, it contains a very nice powder coating that makes it weather-resistant, thereby ensuring its ability to survive through adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, it has a very solid and sturdy construction, which further assures you of its durability. The fact that it is eighteen feet is another huge upside since this great height enables you to comfortably track your target, as well as your environment.

It comes with a bench-style seat design that makes sit very light in weight and therefore easy for you to set up and handle. The fact that it has a flip-up padded shooting rail is very advantageous since it ensures your safety as well as increasing your accuracy by stabilizing your weapon.


  • Has a high quality.
  • Amazing height.
  • It is durable.
  • Very easy to set up.


  • Contains no extra padding hence uncomfortable.

Factors that you have to consider when looking for the best two-man ladder stand.

As seen in the reviews above, there are numerous types of two-man ladder stands in the market. This results in making it very difficult for you to accurately choose the best one in the market. The difficulty mostly arises since most people have no idea on what features to look for.

Lack of knowing what it is you are looking for in a two-man ladder tree stand often results in you spending your money on a poor quality tree stand, only to regret later on. 

To avoid such an unfortunate scenario, there are various factors that you must consider before purchasing a tree stand. 

Is it comfortable?

As I have mentioned above, I will reiterate that as a hunter, your comfort is very paramount. When hunting, you can carefully concentrate on your target that determines whether or not you will make a clean shot.

Having an uncomfortable tree stand impedes your concentration since you are too distracted worrying about how uncomfortable you are for you to carefully track your target. Therefore, the most suitable two-man ladder stand is that which is comfortable.

In as far as comfort is concerned, the primary aspect you should consider is the tree stand’s seat. As you patiently wait for your target, you will be forced to sit for hours. You should therefore go for a tree stand with a seat that is capable of comfortable accommodation you for hours.

A seat that comes with cushions and extra padding is very advisable since these guarantee you of maximum comfort. Furthermore, if you suffer from back pains, you have to ensure that you choose a tree stand with a seat that comes with a comfortable backrest feature.

Apart from the seat being padded and cushioned, a tree stand’s comfort is also informed by the amount of weight it can support. This is especially important to the plus-size hunters. You have to ensure that the tree stand you choose comfortably accommodates your weight.

Is it durable?

Stability is another very important factor that you have to consider before buying a two-man ladder stand. Hunting is an activity that takes place throughout various seasons and there is so much joy in having a tree stand that can serve you through all these seasons.

This is very advantageous since it spares you the frustration of having to buy a new tree stand for every hunting season. Since this would be very expensive and unreasonable, you must ensure that you choose a two-man ladder stand that is durable.

When it comes to determining durability, you should simply look at a tree stand’s construction materials as well as its features. If it is made of strong and sturdy material then you are guaranteed its durability.

It is also very advantageous to go for a tree stand that has an effective powder coating since this makes it weather-resistant, hence very capable of serving you through adverse conditions. Having strong and durable clamps is also another added advantage when it comes to durability.

Are you safe?

It goes without saying that your safety is a very key factor that you should consider. Hunting is an activity that exposes you to so much risk and danger and it is therefore upon you to ensure that you are safe at all times.

Your safety is informed by the hunting gear you choose. The fact that a tree stand entails you climbing a tree to carefully track your target is another huge risk on its own. Being on top of a tree is very dangerous since there are various risks such as falling hence injuring yourself.

This would be very unfortunate, and therefore to avoid such a situation, you have to ensure that your two-man ladder stand contains effective safety measures.

These safety measures include the tree straps as well as harnesses. It is the tree straps that secure the tree stand to the tree and it is, therefore, fundamental for you to ensure that they of good quality and strong and sturdy.

The harnesses help strap you in while seated to further guarantee your safety. A tree stand that comes with extra nuts and screws is also very advisable since this help to further secure it hence preventing its collapse.


From the discussion above, it is quite clear that finding the most suitable two-man ladder stand can be a very rigorous and frustrating task. However, if you carefully adhere to the factors that have been discussed above, then your job will be so much easier.

If it were up to me, I would definitely choose the X-Stand Jayhawk. This is a two-man ladder stand that has excellent quality as well as high-end features. With this tress stand, you are completely guaranteed of one hundred percent effectiveness as well as maximum comfort.

What else would you possibly ask for? The fact that you can acquire all this greatness at a very affordable is another very huge upside. This two-man ladder stand easily dispels the stereotype that you have to spend an arm and leg so as to get a quality tree stand.

Furthermore, the fact that it very easily satisfies all the factors discussed above makes it the most ideal tree stand in the market. In as far as two-man ladder stands are concerned, the X-Stand Jayhawk is definitely the best.

Hurry up and get yours today!


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