What are the Top Rangefinders for Bowhunting?

Hunting is an interesting and enjoyable activity that is usually widely practiced. Just like any other exercise, it is important to have the required skillset and equipment when you go hunting.

This is fundamental since it helps make your work easier and hence guarantees a successful hunt. The suitable equipment is usually dependent on the type of animal you are after.

Some of the necessary hunting gear you require include a hunting chair, hunting knife, hunting blind, and a rangefinder. As a hunter, it is important for you to aim at your target and not miss it since this is what constitutes a successful hunt.

With this in mind, you may find yourself stealthily moving towards your target once you have spotted it, just so you can see it clearly and make a clean kill. What happens if you accidentally make some noise and scare the target away?

A rangefinder is there to help you avoid such instances. It is usually dependent on the type of hunting weapon you are using and if you enjoy hunting with a bow, then this is the perfect article for you.

I will discuss various hunting rangefinders, with the aim of helping you choose the best one for bow hunting.

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting

If you are looking for good quality and functionality, then this is definitely the rangefinder for you. It has a range of five hundred and forty yards, hence enabling you to comfortably see your target no matter how far it is.

On the other hand, the minimum range is four yards meaning that you can easily detect your target from as close as four yards.

Apart from its fantastic range, this rangefinder also offers a high-quality lens that helps you see your target very clearly as is required. Are you worried that your rangefinder will be damaged when it rains while you are hunting?

This is a worry that you will never have with this rangefinder since it is waterproof, making it convenient for you to use even during the rain. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you when it comes to calculating the distance between you and your target. 

It does this by providing you with measurements that are quickly calculated and completely accurate with a plus or minus one-yard accuracy.


  • It is light in weight hence portable.
  • Has a continuous scan feature that helps you detect any movement on the field.
  • It is accurate.


  • Has no angle calculation.

 Halo XL450

In as far as affordability is concerned, the Halo rangefinder definitely takes the prize. It is a very cheap rangefinder making it affordable to most people. Many might assume that its low cost automatically means that it has low quality, however, this is not the case.

This is a rangefinder that offers both affordability and good quality all at once. It has a yard range of up to four hundred and fifty yards, making it convenient for you to spot your target from far away.

In addition to this, it has a very powerful 6× zoom that helps you see your target very clearly which is a huge upside.

With this rangefinder, you do not have to worry about bad weather since it has a class three laser that helps you see clearly whenever the weather is not so suitable.

Another upside of this rangefinder is the fact that it has angle calculation, which is very helpful since it increases your chances of making a clean shot.


  • It is cheap, hence affordable.
  • It is light in weight hence portable.
  • Has angle calculation.


  • It has a strange shape.
  • Its lens is not so clear.

 Leupold TBR

In as far as quality is concerned, the Leupold is definitely the most suitable rangefinder. It has top-notch features that are really fantastic and once you purchase it, all your hunting expeditions will be made easier.

It is one hundred percent waterproof, giving you a guarantee that even during rainy weather the rangefinder will not be damaged. 

Another outstanding feature of the Leupold is the fact that its lens does not get foggy like those of other rangefinders. This makes it convenient for you to hunt even during bad weather.

With this rangefinder, you need not worry about missing your shot since it provides you with angle calculations making it easy for you to hit your target.

This, coupled with a continuous scan mode that helps you detect your target as it moves on the field, makes it a very outstanding rangefinder. 

When it comes to range, it has a one thousand six hundred yard range, hence you are able to clearly see your target regardless of how far it is.


  • Very clear optics.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Has an excellent yard range.


  • It is very expensive.


The Bushnell is a very interesting and good quality rangefinder. Its most appealing feature is the fact that it has a lens that has a bright display, making it convenient for you to see your target in dim light.

Furthermore, it has a screen that is high definition, which makes it possible for you to see your target even in the dark. This is really convenient since, in the event where it gets dark when you are hunting, you do not have to give up.

Unlike most rangefinders, the Bushnell has a battery gauge. This helps you track its battery life, hence avoiding instances where your rangefinder suddenly goes off as a result of low battery, which would be very disadvantageous.

When it comes to durability, it is waterproof, making it convenient for you to use during rainy weather or when it comes into contact with water.


  • It has a bright display.
  • It is waterproof.


  • It has no angle calculation.
  • Has a very short yard range.

Nikon 16224

The most appealing feature of the Nikon rangefinder is its simplicity. Having a rangefinder that is not complicated and therefore easy to use is a very huge upside since it makes work easier.

It is lightweight, making it easy to carry around when moving from one location to the next. Furthermore, it has angle calculation, giving you as the hunter the confidence you need by lowering your chances of missing your target.

The fact that it has a clear display is another advantage since it helps you see your target very clearly, which is very fundamental during hunting. Its accuracy when calculating the distance is also another outstanding feature.

With this rangefinder, being able to track your target as it walks in the field is possible since it has a continuous scan mode.


  • It has a very clear lens.
  • Has a continuous scan feature.
  • It has an angle calculation.
  • It is accurate.


  • It is expensive.
  • It has a short-range.

What features should you consider when buying a bow hunting range finder?

Finding the best rangefinder for bow hunting may sound like a very easy thing to do but the reality is that it can prove to be quite a task. For you to find it, there are various factors that you have to consider, which will help you make the best choice.

These factors can also be viewed as various questions that you have to ask yourself. They enable you to stay on course and have clarity in as far as what you are looking for is concerned.

Is the rangefinder durable?

It goes without saying that durability is a paramount factor that you have to consider when looking for the best rangefinder for bow hunting. Who would want to buy something that only lasts them a few weeks?

This would be so unfortunate and indeed a waste of your hard-earned money. Instead, you want to buy a rangefinder that will be able to sustain you for a number of hunting seasons before you decide to purchase another one.

Durability not only entails the rangefinder sustaining you for a number of seasons, but it also has to be in good shape and function as well as it did from the beginning.

For this to happen, you, therefore, need a rangefinder that is able to withstand whatever weather. A rangefinder that is waterproof is therefore a very big advantage.

When it comes to electronic gadgets, water is known as their biggest enemy. So what happens when your rangefinder accidentally falls in water? Or when it starts raining when you are busy out in the field hunting?

Having a rangefinder that is waterproof will help you avoid worrying during such instances since you are guaranteed that it will continue serving its purpose. This also increases its lifespan, hence making it durable.

Is it clear?

Can you really hunt if you cannot clearly see your target? What will you be aiming at? The essence of hunting is being able to clearly see your target since this enables you to directly aim at it and eventually make your move.

It is therefore obvious that the best rangefinder for now hunting is that which has a clear lens. Avoid choosing a rangefinder that has a lens with a dim display since this will definitely interfere with your vision.

Furthermore, when it comes to clarity, having a rangefinder that enables you to see in dim light or even in the dark is a very huge upside. This is because such a feature makes it possible for you to continue hunting even during the night.

Clarity is therefore something you should definitely consider when looking for the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

How is the yard range?

The yard range a rangefinder can cover is a very paramount factor that has to be considered. How far the rangefinder enables you to see is important since it determines whether or not you will be able to see your target.

It is therefore advisable to choose a rangefinder that has a long-range. Choose a rangefinder that enables you to see even up to five hundred yards or more, since this guarantees that you will be able to see your target even if it is too far.

What happens if your target is at six hundred yards and your rangefinder can only reach seventy yards?

To avoid such an unfortunate circumstance, you should therefore ensure that the rangefinder you choose has a long-range.

How about the distance?

The very purpose of a rangefinder is to help the hunter calculate the distance between themselves and their target hence making it easier for them to make a clean shot. Hunting is an exercise that requires your full concentration.

It would therefore be very distracting if you had to calculate the distance by yourself while at the same time trying your best to concentrate and keep your eyes on the target. 

Choosing a rangefinder that quickly calculates the distance for you is therefore a huge plus since this makes everything so much easier for you. When it comes to calculating the distance, ensure that you consider the speed and accuracy.

How fast does the rangefinder calculate the speed? While patience is a virtue when it comes to hunting, this surely does not apply when it comes to calculating the distance. The most suitable hunting rangefinder is that which is quick in calculating distance.

Apart from speed, accuracy is another very fundamental factor. How useful would it be if a rangefinder calculates the speed only to provide you with inaccurate results?

This will lead to you either completely missing your target, which is a huge disappointment, or slightly injuring your target. With the latter, you will be forced to pursue a partially wounded animal as prey and this is certainly disastrous.

It is therefore important to ensure that the rangefinder not only calculates the distance but that it is also quick and accurate.

What about the weight?

Hunting is a task that will involve you waiting for hours before your target finally decides to appear. More often than not, it will also involve you moving from one location to another, with the aim of finding the perfect hunting spot.

How convenient would it, therefore, be to do either of the above with a heavy rangefinder? Portability is a feature that you must consider when looking for the perfect bow hunting rangefinder.

A rangefinder that is compact and light in weight is perfect since it is not tedious to move around with, or when surveying your surroundings.

How convenient is it for bow hunting?

This is a question that will have you considering some of the factors that we have already discussed above. It is fundamental to remember that the aim is to find a hunting rangefinder that is perfect for bow hunting.

Archery is mostly utilized with targets that are located at a long-range from the hunter. This, therefore, reiterates the fact that the perfect bow hunting rangefinder cannot be that which has a short-range since this would be highly inconvenient.

This, therefore, proves that you should always remember the purpose for which you are looking for the rangefinder, which is bow hunting. A rangefinder that is suitable for rifle hunting will not necessarily be the best when it comes to bow hunting.

How is the quality?

Nobody wants to buy a commodity that has poor quality and this is therefore also the case when it comes to a rangefinder. The best bow hunting rangefinder is that which has a very good quality hence nice functionality.

Who would want to spend their hard-earned money on a product that is of poor quality? Always ensure that the rangefinder you choose is of high quality since it is the quality that determines its durability.

A rangefinder of poor quality will definitely not serve you for as long as a rangefinder of good quality will. Therefore always be on the lookout and ensure that the rangefinder you choose has a good quality.


From the above, it is clear that finding the best rangefinder for bow hunting can indeed prove to be a rigorous task. However, this will not be the case if the above factors are carefully considered and adhered to.

If it were up to me, I would definitely choose the TecTecTec Pro Wild Hunting rangefinder. This is a rangefinder that provides you with top-notch quality at a very affordable price.

With this rangefinder, your work is made so much easier since it has all the required features to ensure that you have a successful hunt.

With a yard range of five hundred and forty yards and fast and accurate calculations of distance, this is definitely the best bow hunting rangefinder. 

The fact that it has a continuous scan feature enabling you to track your target as it moves on the field is also another huge plus. It is fantastic when it comes to functionality, and is light in weight hence convenient to move around with.

The ProWild rangefinder effortlessly satisfies all the factors discussed above making it definitely the best. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!  


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