Primos Proof Gen 2-01 Game Camera Review

The Primos Proof Gen 2-01 Game Camera comes with a 12-megapixel sensor. The trail camera operates with a 0.7-second trigger speed and can thus represent a good mid-range option for most users. It will also be capable of recording 720p HD videos and together with the new auto-exposure feature, it can offer a solid performance, especially with the quality of the images and videos.


  • 7 seconds trigger speed
  • 80 feet range
  • Improved auto-exposure
  • 36 low glow LED


  • 1-year warranty


The camera performs very well due to its 12-megapixel sensor. It is the base for the crisp still photos and for the 720p HD videos. The camera can thus represent a good mid-range option from the manufacturer. The good news is that it will also work with a decent distance even at night-time. Thus, with an 80 feet range, it will prove to be one of the recommended options in terms of distance. With a slightly lower detection range than the top models from the manufacturer, it still represents a solid option or all types of situations.

The video quality will still be very similar to what you can see with the top designs from the manufacturer. Thus, you will get the same 720p HD video quality which has been used across the range. Since you will not be having the full HD capability, you will also need to worry less on the memory required on the SD memory card.


With a modern design which is made from durable materials, the camera represents one of the good options for all types of players. Those with high skills will like its ability to integrate the 36 LEDs into the solid performance whole those with lower skills will like the ability to simply set up the device and make it stand out from many other alternatives. As the camera choices are always increasing, it is worth noting that even the design with a lower number of megapixels have their place on the market as they will prove to be a solid alternative. This is due to the fact that a lower megapixel count means their overall size is also bigger which allows for more light to be captured for photos. This can be a good option when looking to maximize the performance of night-time stills.

The Primos Proof Gen 2-01 Game Camera thus represents one of the best options when it comes to finding the best solutions and the best design to work with if you are not looking for the ultimate device. Thus, with a combination of basic features, it will prove to be a worthy investment and at the same time, it can prove to be one of the recommended options if you need multiple cameras and don’t want to spend considerable amounts for this purpose. With a stable sensor and HD video capabilities, the camera will be among the recommended options when it comes to a device that you can use for years to come.


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