Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo Review

The Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo climbing tree stand represents a good option to combine a stand which can also be used for climbing. This hybrid design will immediately resonate with versatile hunters who need maximum performance and the most innovative designs in their outdoor quests.

As the stand comes with a top and bottom section you can easily use it to climb a tree and reach your desired height and visibility. With such an innovative design, the stand can be considered among the most versatile options on the market and it represents a good option if you plan a few days out hunting and want to take all your equipment with you.


  • Versatile 2-in-1 design
  • Climb option
  • 21 pounds
  • 350 pounds weight capacity


  • Not for all types of hunter


The hybrid design of the tree stand will be a great option for hunters who may need to rich higher heights and don`t want to carry a complex fixed stand with them. This is why the manufacturer came up with this versatile stand which can be used from ground level upwards. The good news is that the stand doesn`t come with a heavy design. It measures just 21 pounds and this means it is perfect if you plan to use it on your own.

So who can use the design and is it only for the adventurous hunter? The truth is that not all hunters will be able to use the stand at its maximum capacity. Some people may not have the confidence to climb the tree with the stand. The good news is that it is not complicated to do this. You will have to read the user’s manual to get to know all the elements of the stand and you can even practice at ground level which will represent a good way of getting to know such an innovative design.

In terms of materials choice, the stand comes with cast aluminum as you might expect from Lone Wolf. You may even know that this type of metal is far superior to iron in terms of weight management. This is what allows the stand to weigh only 21 pounds. But even at this reduced weight, the stand offers a weight capacity of 350 pounds which is more than enough for most users.

The foot platform comes with the popular 3D camo which we have seen on some other Lone Wolf models also. The stand can also accommodate parallel limb bows which makes it one of the recommended options for maximum versatility. And if you enjoy versatility you will be happy to know the hybrid stand also comes with a pivoting seat which will improve your visibility angle. The stand is a truly innovative option and can represent a good idea of what hunters can also expect in the future with versatile or hybrid designs. If you want to maximize your independence the stand can be one of if not the only true solution on the market.


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