Moultrie A-25i Game & Trail Camera Review

Moultrie A-25i is a no glow game and trail camera that utilizes the Invisible Infra-red technology to produce high-quality pictures and videos. One amazing fact is that not only does the camera give quality output but is affordable as well. The 12MP camera produces clear and highly defined images that you won’t get with any other camera.  It has a fast trigger speed of 0 .7 seconds which gives you greater opportunities of capturing every single movement of your target. It is also compatible with Moultrie Mobile. In addition, it comes with a flash range of 50feet and 50 feet detection range.

Moultrie A-25 I Game & Trail Camera

Presentation of the Moultrie A-25i

The camera features a strong and durable waterproof plastic case. The case is designed to resemble other game and trail cameras in the Moultrie series. With the bush green case color, it is difficult for trespassers to spot the camera in the woods. In addition, it comes with 2 Python cable locks for enhanced security.

The latch utilizes the unorthodox mechanism which can easily be manipulated. On the bottom of the camera is a battery tray making loading and unloading of batteries simple and easy.


  • Moultrie A-25 I produces high quality pictures and videos even under low light conditions.
  • It is relatively affordable.
  • Easy set up thanks to the back lit controls.
  • A fast trigger speed of 0.9 seconds


  • High power consumption results to low battery life.

Features & Benefits of the Moultrie A-25i

  • Camera resolution

Moultrie A-25i has a powerful resolution of 12-megapixel for pictures and 1280 x 720 for videos. This resolution is strong enough to produce high-quality pictures and videos characterized by high levels of clarity and deep contrast.  The camera is able to reduce motion and capture more natural and clear nighttime images without blur.

  • Flash Technology

Moultrie A-25i utilizes the iNVISIBLE infrared LED technology which produces no glow even at low light levels.  This is advanced technology that enables the camera capture all wildlife movements without the fear or risk of alerting the animals.

  • Powerful and durable batteries

The cameras require a set of 8 AA batteries. These will enable the camera to remain powerful for a longer duration of time without the need to replace even when the camera is on video mode.  8 AA batteries have the potential to capture a maximum of 17,000 images before the need to replace. However, lithium batteries are recommended for use in adverse weather conditions.

  • Memory and Storage

Moultrie A-25i  boasts a large storage capacity. However, users have to purchase a separate memory for more pictures and videos. It utilizes SDHC cards or other class 4 cards with a higher memory capacity of up to 32GB.

  • Trigger speed

The cameras have a high trigger speed of 0.7 seconds.

Conclusion for the Moultrie A-25i Trail Camera

Moultrie A-25i is an impressive game and trail camera that every hunter should have. Considering the excellent features it packs, it is very affordable. It is a perfect camera for both security surveillance and hunting.  


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