summit treestands the hex ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands Hex Tube Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Treestands Hex Tube Ladder Stand offers a very high hunting position at 21.5 feet. At this height, you will need a harness and this is why the manufacturer offers a full body option. Of course, the stand comes with a durable design as fans of the manufacturer can expect. You will receive a double-rail design which can handle weights of up to 350lbs. The comfort is ensured by a padded seat with a backrest which might prove a positive feature, especially when you will stay in the same position for multiple hours.

summit hex tube ladder stand reviews


  • Extra-tall at 21.5 feet
  • Double rail design
  • Foam-padded seat
  • Fixed shooting rail
  • Good weight capacity of up to 350lbs


  • No breathable mesh on the seat

summit tree stands the hex ladder stand reviewOverall

The treestand is the manufacturer`s top option when it comes to height. Being set at a maximum height of 21.5 feet, it offers the best visibility the manufacturer can offer with the range. Some other features are similar to what the fans have seen from the manufacturer. They include a concern for safety at this height and this is why you will receive a full body harness. Please make sure you read the instructions o the harness and how to properly keep it away from your neck before using it.

In terms of comfort, you will receive a padded seat which also comes with a padded back rest. This useful design will prove useful for those days when you spend hours and hours waiting for the animal. A simple footrest is also provided with the design of the frame which allows you to maintain a good posture while sitting. Of course, the seat also comes with a fixed shooting rail which will allow you to shoot in all directions.

The treestand is a good choice for years to come as it has a sturdy design which can hold users of up to 350lbs. This is based on the hexagonal tubing design which is similar to the one used in the aerospace industry. The design uses positive lock connection technology which means it is easy to assemble and you`ll thus save time setting-up the treestand.

summit the hex reviews

Visibility is one of the top benefits of the stand. With the highesummit treestands the hex reviewst position in the range, you will have good visibility over a larger area. The good news is that even if you have to wait for the animal for a few hours, you can do so either standing or sitting which will prove highly versatile and safe due to the full body harness.

The Summit Treestands Hex Tube Ladder Stand is the best option if you value height. With its 21.5 feet positioning, you will find yourself in a good place for the best camouflage hunting you can find. You`ll also be glad to know that you can patiently wait for the animal standing or sitting on the padded seat with shooting railing. The stand is perfect for those who want maximum performance with one of the sturdiest designs on the market.


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