Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blades Review

The Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade include a wide range of knifes which are made for a purpose. This is where you will find that stag handles can be a great addition to many types of knives. The knives offer a great solution for skinning and with genuine stag handles designs, they will be not only easy to use but they will also look distinctive.

Puma Stag Background

Since 1950, the manufacturer has been using stag handles to provide the knives the natural alternative which improved the usability. This continues to this day, when you can even find your skinner with a satin finish. So where can you use these knives?

The knives can be used in a wide range of situations. You can start by using them for hunting purposes where they seem to have the most appeal. They will work great as they come with solid handles and impressive blades which will show great performance on any weather.

Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blades uses

But you can also use them in fishing as you will need to ensure the fish meat is sliced to perfection and that the skin is nicely separated. The knives can also be used for general camping purposes. You will be able to sharpen wooden hunting tool, set traps or even use them for cooking purposes where you can chop vegetables or slice steaks. The knives can also be used for tactical purposes and bush-crafting. Usually, these types of outdoor adventures require a knife which you can count on and this is the case with Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blades.

An interesting part about the stage handles comes with how well they integrated with other materials. This is where the manufacturer managed to create a good symbiosis with the materials. For example, stag handles work well with steel blades. But they have also been used by the manufacturer in a combination with Micarta, a durable plastic. The handles also pair up with wood for a classic look and a traditional approach.

In terms of accessories, all the knives in the series come with top grain leather sheaths. They become increasingly important since the knives come with a large blade which needs special care. You want to avoid chips, dents and scratches if you want a precise blade which will last in time. You will also want to have a good knife which will resist corrosion and which can be used for years. This is why the premium sheaths will go a long way in protecting your knife.

The Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blades come with a range of knives which are based on the beautiful natural material and look. With a tradition which goes back to 1950, the manufacturer managed to create a solid line of knives which are balanced and perform to the highest standard. As a result, the knives can be used for varied situations which include bush crafting, hunting and even fishing.  The knives will work very well with all these situations for years to come.



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