What are the Top Deer Hunting Crossbow Broadheads?

Unlike other small game, it might be a daunting task to shoot a deer. Anybody who has gone deer hunting can tell you this. The only exception is if they prefer going hunting with their rifles as this is much easier.

As for a bow and an arrow, chances of missing your shot are high. If you don’t miss, you are likely to target the wrong spot that cannot result in the immediate death of the deer. So what can you do to minimize these chances?

Someone may tell you that it entirely depends on the shooter. That might be true since perfectionists are likely to be more successful than newbies. But that is not the only determining factor.

Other aspects such as the type of broadhead you are using often come in handy. If you are using a crossbow, you want to get a crossbow broadhead instead of your standard shooting broadhead. 

Let not anyone manage to convince you that this has little importance.

On the other side, however, there are numerous brands of crossbow broadheads that are available in the market. You want to get one that matches the task at hand (hunting deer). For instance, you should ensure that it is strong enough to penetrate the thick skin.

Here is a list of our best picks.

1. Rage Crossbow X

Sometimes, going for a broadhead from a brand that has already developed a good reputation for producing quality products can be a plus. Rage is one such company, having produced so many hunting tools over the years.

For starters, their crossbow X has been crafted from stainless steel material which is strong and durable. As such, you don’t have to replace the broadhead each time simply because the previous ones couldn’t stand the force of impact. 

To further enhance the longevity of these broadheads, they have been fitted with a mechanism of shock absorption. The system minimizes the force of impact making sure the blades don’t become disfigured. 

This also ensures that there is some consistency in your shots

The fact that Rage crossbow X is fitted with mechanical blades makes them more intriguing. This means that they can expand upon being deployed, thereby making large holes that can get to the deer’s vitals.


  • Has an aerodynamic design 
  • Can make a cutting diameter of up to 2 inches
  • Made from quality stainless steel


  • Loading can take a while
  • It is expensive

 2. Excalibur Boltcutter

In case you have been having problems with your rate of deer recovery, you might want to try the Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead. This beast will work perfectly when it comes to slaying those animals.

First things first. The product has 3 fixed blades. Are you wondering why this is important? Well, here is your reason. You want to make sure that you are cutting a big hole when shooting your deer.

The efficiency improves when you are using a broadhead that has more blades, as opposed to when you are using a single blade. Two or more blades will increase the cutting diameter when they get in contact with the animal.

Therefore, there will be a big blood trail making it easy to recover the blood even if it runs away. With Excalibur, the deer might not be able to make it beyond 40 yards from the shooting spot.

Also, this is a 150-grain broadhead. It is therefore a good option for people who cannot shoot with lighter broadheads. It has a speed of about 300 feet per second.


  • Made from strong stainless steel
  • Has 3 blades
  • Can shoot up to 300 feet per second


  • May not be as consistent
  • They are good for close range shots only

3. Muzzy Trocar 

It is highly unlikely that you will always make clean shots whenever you are aiming at a deer. Chances are that you will hit it too close towards the head or too far away towards the tail.

This means that the chances of the deer dying will be low unless you make a really good and deep cut. You might not find a broadhead better suited to the job than this Muzzy Trocar Crossbow.

It has 3 tight blades that can tear the tough bones of the deer if you miss the vitals and end up hitting elsewhere. Therefore, it will help you to maximize your chances of success.

The blades have been made from stainless steel which can serve you for some time.

It also features a streamlined design that enables it to move swiftly through the wind without much resistance. In effect, this increases the accuracy of your shots.


  • Blades can be replaced easily
  • Comes in both 100 and 125 grains
  • Has 3 blades


  • Has a smaller cutting diameter
  • Blades can deform during entry

4. NAP Spitfire 

Right off the bat, NAP Spitfire is a mechanical broadhead that will go a long way to ensure that you receive the value of your money. The brand features 3 razor-sharp blades that can expand whenever they are deployed, cutting huge chunks of the deer’s skin.

They are sharp enough to cut through tough bones and leave a huge trail of blood that makes it easier when it comes to recovering the animal. This is what almost every hunter wants to see.

For improved efficiency, the tip of this broadhead is sharp enough to make sure that the deer cannot easily shake it off its body upon impact. This, therefore, increases the amount of damage to the animal’s vitals, especially when it tries to run away. 

Now, if you are worried about the accuracy of this broadhead, it has been equipped with a retention mechanism that keeps the blades in place when they are in motion, allowing them to deploy only upon contact.

They come in 100 grains and 125 grains to suit your preference.


  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Come in both 100 and 125 grains


  • Loading may take time
  • The prongs produce some noise

5. Grim Reaper

In the fifth place, we have Grim Reaper crossbows that have been perfectly designed for your crossbow. This is a good buy for both beginners and experts who want a broadhead that can kill deer, as it is easy to use.

There is no special knowledge required to tune the broadhead. So is the case when it comes to replacing blades that might have spoilt during hunting. You just have to unscrew it and slide the tension cup away, then remove the blades. 

Plus, the blades have a cutting diameter of 1 ¾ inches. Although the diameter might be smaller, the penetration of these blades is unmatched. They have been designed such that they are narrow enough to cut through bones and flesh without too much dragging.

This also means that there will be a huge blood trail if the deer runs off after being hit. At a range of about 40 yards, you can be sure that you will kill as many deer.

The package comes with a free head for your practice.


  • The blades are narrow and make deep cuts
  • It is easy to replace the blades
  • Come with a free broadhead for practice


  • The aluminum ferrule might not be as durable
  • The blades can deform easily

Getting the Best Crossbow BroadHead; Buying Guide

The importance of buying a broadhead that is best suited to serve the purpose at hand cannot be overstated. At the end of the day, it will determine whether you go home with a deer or frustrated because all your targets manage to get away. 

That said, it is important to ask yourself what are the factors that make a broadhead perfect for deer hunting. Do you just go to the archery store near you and ask for any product?

You can go hunting with any head provided it can kill something. If you want to increase your success, however, you have to consider aspects like cutting diameter, number of blades, the design of the broadheads, and their weight.

Also, you should look at other factors such as the material and durability since you don’t want to spend money on different blades each week (unless you have thousands of dollars to waste).

In this section, we discuss these factors in detail. Make sure to go through the buying guide before you proceed to the market as it might save you some bucks.

Cutting diameter 

This is by far the most important aspect that you should consider when buying a broadhead. As a general rule of thumb, broadheads with larger cutting diameters significantly increase your hunting success.

By a large cutting diameter, we mean that you should settle for a broadhead that boasts about 2 inches or more. This does not mean that those with smaller diameters than 2 inches are inefficient. But then come to think of it.

If the diameter is bigger, it means that the blades will be able to make huge holes when they come into contact with the deer’s skin. Well, that may not lead to immediate death as you would expect.

Even though, it would be easier for you to trace the animal if it escapes, as there will be a huge trail of blood oozing off the cut hole. So, you should just stay on the safe side than taking the chance.

The number of blades 

As seen from our review of the top 5 crossbow broadheads, different heads come equipped with a certain number of blades. The first pick, for instance, has 2 sharp blades while the second has 3 blades.

The blade count contributes in a special way to the cutting diameter. The more the blade, the more damage likely to be done to the deer’s vitals. You will realize that there are broadheads that come with a single fixed blade. 

However, you should also consider which of these you are more comfortable using.

The Design 

Different manufacturers often have their products designed in unique ways. One product will always be different from the other.

When it comes to deer hunting, the interest is in how effective those designs are. It is never about how good they look. For instance, you should go for those that have been designed in such a way as to increase penetration.

This covers broadheads that have pointed tips, as the small surface area allows them to cut through thick flesh and strong bones easily.

On the same point, you should look for broadheads that have an aerodynamic design as this will aid in their movement through the air. The streamlined shape helps to reduce the resistance to movement created by air currents.

As a result, the movement becomes consistent and swift, including the accuracy of your shots.


You should consider buying the purchase of a broadhead as an investment. This means that you are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that they will serve their purpose without fail.

The material used to make important parts of the broadhead such as the blades and the ferrule go a long way in determining their longevity. So, you should settle for those made from materials like stainless steel.

Just so you know, weaker blades are highly unlikely to survive the force of impact that results from contact with the animal at high speeds. This means that they are likely to bend or have some deformities.

Naturally, that also means you will spend more money buying some blades for replacement. This makes maintenance very expensive and uneconomical. Our guess is that you don’t have the money to waste.

Therefore, you should consider looking at customer reviews in case you are getting your product from an online platform. The reviewers usually help subsequent buyers to know which products are worth spending money on.

If there are too many negative comments, just pass and look at the next product.


There are two main types of broadheads available in the market if you are looking at them from the weight perspective. That is the 100-grains broadheads and the 125-grains broadheads.

As far as deer hunting is concerned, you might want to shy away from the 100-grains broadheads. Why is this so? The success rate attributed to this type is very minimal when it comes to large game. 

Thus, the 125 grains broadhead would work just fine. Furthermore, this type is also perfect for a crossbow as opposed to the traditional bows.

However, the 100 grains head might be of use for beginners since it is easier to use and it is light. The type is also cheaper, compared to the 125-grains category.

It is important to find out what works best with you then proceed to get one, instead of buying a product that might inconvenience you in the long run. Try both, don’t just assume.


It is also important to work with a budget so that you do not end up spending more than you planned to. You see, there are instances when products sell at higher prices simply because a good reputation precedes the brand.

Well, that sounds like a good thing. But what if there are cheaper products with almost the same features going at a fraction of the price? Will you still go for the former?

If the price is not a big problem for you, you should. But if you cannot fork out the thousands of dollars needed, you do not have to kill yourself. Just go for the cheaper product. After all, success in the woods is all that matters.

But that does not mean that you can sacrifice quality for a cheaper price, no. You will end up spending more money on maintenance that you would have spent to get a quality product once and for all.


Finding the perfect broadhead for hunting big game might prove to be a tedious task. This is because unlike smaller animals, the heads need to be strong enough to penetrate through the thick skin without being deformed.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to get a good brand. With the ever-improving technology, archery companies have taken a step to bring quality products closer to you.

You just have to consider a few factors such as the type of broadhead you want, the quality of its material, the number of blades, the cutting diameter, its weight, among other things.

Having considered all these aspects, we recommend the Rage Crossbow X. 

Rage has 2 blades that feature a cutting diameter of 2 inches, big enough to make a huge hole.

Also, this broadhead is mechanical, thereby allowing the blades to deploy upon contact with the animal. Consequently, this increases the amount of damage that is done to the deer.

The product’s blades have been made from stainless steel which is strong and durable to help them stand the test of time. You won’t be going back to the archery store after each hunt to find some blades for replacement.

The shock collar further increases their durability by absorbing the landing impact that might cause the blades to deform.

Make sure to get the Rage Crossbow X broadhead for an exciting hunt.


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